iPhone 6s could be Apple’s biggest ‘incremental’ upgrade of all time


Apple is hoping for big things from its next-gen iPhone.
Yep, the iPhone 6s is sounding better than ever. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac
Photo: Cult of Mac

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus may just be the biggest incremental “s” upgrades Apple has ever done, according to a new report.

As per well-connected KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 6s will feature twice the RAM of its predecessors, a significant processor upgrade, better camera, new color option, sapphire display, strengthened shell, improved Touch ID and Force Touch.

Just about the only thing that would stay the same, in fact, are the two size options!

On the RAM front, today’s report claims the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will have 2GB of LPDDR4 RAM, compared to the 1 GB LPDDR3 RAM seen in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The main difference between DDR3 and DDR4 are the price and the fact that the latter hits much higher clock speeds than the former.

It is also suggested that the iPhone 6s devices will boast Apple’s A9 chipset, 12-megapixel rear-cameras, improved Touch ID for Apple Pay and the same Force Touch technology seen on the Apple Watch and Retina MacBook.

On the exterior design front, Apple will reportedly attempt to avoid a redo of the (overblown) “Bendgate” phenomenon by using Series 7000 aluminum, which is approximately 60 percent stronger than the material used in current iPhones. (That’s the same aluminum utilized for the Apple Watch Sport.)

Cupertino is said to be planning to market a rose gold color option, again borrowing from the Apple Watch.

For those interested in a high-end device, KGI suggests there could be a limited-edition iPhone 6s Plus featuring a sapphire display — something that would serve as a trial run for an innovation Apple had hoped to apply to the entire iPhone 6 range before the collapse of GT Advanced Technologies put paid to those plans.

The report denies that a 4-inch iPhone will ship this year, saying Apple will instead stick with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch versions. This makes sense given that Apple rarely changes the form factor dramatically for “s” releases.

KGI’s rundown concludes that Apple is planning mass-production to start in August, predicting sales of 80 million to 90 million this year, and is once again expecting the smaller 6s to be more popular than the phablet 6s Plus.

Suddenly, September can’t come quickly enough…

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  • I wish I could get paid for making up a wish list for the iPhone 6S like the ‘analysts’ at KGI…

  • carol argo

    I went to see the galaxy s6 yesterday,lol I was like ok,let me wip out my Lumia 635 lte.compared and set my screen to high brightness and I was like? There is no way any way or angle I look at it that the g6 is worth the asking price .i changed the picture I had and boil almost the same .im like ?that is impossible?isn’t it insanelly high red compared to my unit?anyhow just to say Lumia 635 lte(sorry can’t vouch about other since I don’t own other lumia)but I can’t say best 80$ I ever spent(USA)

    • Tom Markham

      I have an iPhone 5S and the also a Nokia 635 for work. That Nokia 635 is an amazing and underrated phone.

      • BoltmanLives

        $46 bucks too.

      • Ken

        That “bending” issue was the big load of horse shit. Yeah, let’s see what happens when I put a large THIN phone in my tight pants pocket and sit in a car. Nothing ever came of that “defect”. Why? Because it was bull shit.

      • BoltmanLives

        And that why Apple switched to stiffer material..got it.

      • Twistëd Hümor

        But the 5S takes phenomenal pics compared to the 635. I need the camera so it matters to me lol

    • TRAV15T

      what is up with your punctuation?

    • digitaldumdum

      I’m like I can’t understand your post because it lacks punctuation(lol) and like it’s really hard to like understand because of it being a stream of psychobabble consciousness pseudo tech lingo(omg and stuff)mixed with like whatever and you know.Andwithout spaces and whatever and being(what drug are you on except kinda dumb jabber?)!Huh?

  • Jason Irizarry

    I think you meant the former had higher clock speeds than the latter but I got the point. Should be a good phone nonetheless. Going to skip and wait for the 7

    • Dplafoll

      He’s referring directly back to the earlier part of the same sentence.

      “The main difference between DDR3 and DDR4 are the price and the fact that the latter hits much higher clock speeds than the former.”

      DDR4 is faster than DDR3, so the sentence is correct.

      • Jason Irizarry

        it must’ve been corrected DDR3 and DDR4 were in different places earlier. It’s fine i know the difference

  • john earl

    LOL Carol Argo, if you can’t notice the difference between your crap lumia and the s6 you are either blind, or a samsung hater, ( Im pretty sure it’s the latter). The galaxy s6 has the best display on the market and The s6 edge is even better.

    • OS2toMAC

      I don’t know about lumia vs. galaxy display quality, but your comment makes no sense. How could the S6 have the “best display on the market”, AND the S6 Edge be even better? Both are on the market, aren’t they?

      • BoltmanLives

        Sure one has more then 1GB of ram to help compare the market.

      • Jm Mercado Tagarda

        You’re right hahaha

    • BoltmanLives

      Google ” 640XL versus S6 edge photo” and get back to us about your comment. Be enlightened to what is on the market. Then look at the price for kicks. People act as if there are only 2 phones Iphone and Galaxy..there are more and better prices for same or better . Then look a battery life too.

  • Superkonna

    I’m hoping for revamped apps, especially Pages and Numbers with extended Airplay support similar to what MS is doing with Continuum. Open Pages on the iPhone, select Airplay and have a full version of pages running on you big screen, with the iPhone as a trackpad.

  • A SNES Day Off

    I’m eating a cheeseburger

    • I may be having fish and chips later

  • FriarNurgle

    Shame they don’t shift the iPhone release to occur before school starts.

    • Andy

      I guess Apple employees want their Summer vacation as well.

  • stratomartin

    Does anyone proof the copy? At all? “until the collapse of GT Advanced Technologies put paid to those plans.”

    • Luke Dormehl

      Which part of this confuses you?

    • San Diego Dave

      “Put paid to” is a common phrase/idiom (well, not really common anymore).

      • stratomartin

        Yes, more of a stylistic point than a grammatical one.

        It seemed incongruous to use and Edwardian expression when writing about present day tech/media related topics.

        Best to all,

  • cmeethree

    I have to say I’m incredibly frustrated with Apple. It’s makes me kind’ve angry honestly when I read stuff like this 3 months after upgrading to a 6+. I think they should offer deals for people whom they sell a phone to and then almost within a quarter release a new phone making my phone now an older Gen. I love innovation but I feel like it’s happening at the expense of the consumer.

    • ian meyers

      You know they launch a new phone every september as they have for the past 5 or 6 years… if you’re so concerned about having the latest upgrade… just wait?

  • lamorpa

    Copying! Copying!! Copying!!! All Samsung phones have had over 1GB RAM for years. Apple is totally copying Samsung’s RAM size!! All Apple products past and future are worthless! Copying!!!!

    Oh, wait a minute. I had a iFit there for a minute.

  • InklingBooks

    Good! The better the upgrade, the easier it will be for me to upgrade my iPhone 5 when the time comes. My writer’s budget means I can’t afford to go the pricey contract route, but I’m delighted by that iPhone 5.

  • Raven Woods

    While those rumoured features sound nice, I really would like better battery. One of the main things that is holding me back right now from not buying iPhone 6.

  • Inspector_Goyim

    Wait, the current generation iPhones only have 1GB of RAM? That’s hilarious, my 3 year old Android has 2GB of RAM.

    • Jaedre

      and i bet current iphone is still faster….

      • Inspector_Goyim

        Of course it is, because it isn’t 3 years old retard.

      • Jaedre

        I bet 3yr old iPhone faster too u fucktard

      • Inspector_Goyim

        Nope, 3 year old iPhones have a paltry 512MB of RAM and god awful processors. Apple is always behind in terms of raw power, and they jack up the price and cover it in aluminum so retards such as yourself rush out and stand in line for a week to buy one. The latest Android phones have 8 fucking cores, and 3-4GB of RAM.

      • Jaedre

        stfu u troll android can give u all the specs you want but still lags and freezes because of the shitty software…. hardware dont mean shit if your software doesnt utilize it correctly. trolls like you live on apple articles just to talk shit… get a life bum

      • Inspector_Goyim

        You seem upset buddy. Do you have any experience with modern Android phones? Lollipop is way smoother and way more intuitive than Apple’s unchanged, same shit iOS. It looks the same as it always has (now with flat icons wow so amazing) and it’s still shit to navigate.

  • Daniel Eliasson

    Apple, overpriced? Lest not forget that Microsoft’s Surface is 2x more expensive than an iPad. Also, you think researchers at Ivy League Universities aren’t good with math or finances? Think again.

    • BoltmanLives

      Depend on their research area

    • Ummmm….wtf. The Surface is a real full blown computer, it isn’t a “pad”, it is a full tablet pc, so it is closer to a Mac Book with the addition of a touch screen and digitizer then it is to a mobile device. You can’t really compare it to an iPad. You can run photoshop and illustrator on a surface.

      • FootSoldier

        No! You cant run Photoshop on the Surface 3. You can try to run Photoshop, and watch it run like horse doo doo. The Surface Pro 3, yeah. But priced at $1,299 (no keyboard) for the power you need. I learned this the hard way buying a Surface 3. It’s insanely under powered, and runs apps horribly. If fact, to my surprise, the iPad Air 2 is considerably more powerful (in Geekbench), and with a specific amount of apps, you can do pretty much everything you can do in Photoshop.

      • Ken

        Dude…good try but you’ll never convince the people who don’t “get” Apple products that they are worth every penny paid.

      • FootSoldier

        No, not trying to convince anyone. Just discussing my experiences that’s all. Hell, most people seem happy with them, including me. The devotion developers give this device cant be beat, when it comes to tablets. Befor, I got for this device, I didn’t care for Tablets, or IOS, but I just kept finding Apps every frekin thing out there.

      • BoltmanLives

        I get Apple products as I’m typing this on a crappy in comparison iPad Air. The keyboard stinks. The websites don’t display properly and lock up. the battery goes down…luckily I got it free from work. Actually forced to use it for past two days because I lost misplaced my Vaio charger. I SE the “quality” of Apple products you all seem to love.

        Hint..your are overpaying for a worse experience

      • The surface pro 3 is the only one that is “double the ipad price” and being discussed. It is blazing fast with photoshop and painter and sketchbook etc.

        I mainly use apple products, but apple has refused to add touch or active digitizer to any of their computer screens and the accuracy of the capacitive iPad screen is horrible even with the latest pinpoint bluetooth pressure sensitive stylus.

        So of course that leaves the wacom cintiq companion or the surface pro 3 as the only real contenders for away from the desk stylus based design and illustration.

      • FootSoldier

        True. Capacitive stylus, are not good at all on iPads. And there actually very good on the Surface. I just used a Surface 3, and had a horrible experience with it. Photoshop worked like crap. That’s why I kinda respect what Apple did with the iPad. Recreating everything, making developers create Apps from the ground up, for the hard ware it hand. Using certain apps together, make up everything I use in Photoshop. Now, the Surface Pro 3 performs great. Win 8.1 is just the worst, IMO.

      • Pixelmator and Procreate are great apps for the iPad as is ArtRage. AstroPad is pretty slick as well for using photoshop from the iPad. I do enjoy my iPad, but it falls more into the mobile device then professional tool category. What I wouldn’t give for a touch MacPad running OSX with a digitizer… There are some custom modded ones on the net, but they are 2-3X a surface and OSX isn’t really pen or touch friendly at its core, apple has a lot of work to do at the OS level before they can launch a full OSX computer with either. I’m not giving up hope though…

      • FootSoldier

        Yeah, I’m leaning more towards an iPad with an OS that is extremely close to what you get from OSX, but still very similar to IOS. Like an iPad OS. I would love to see that.

      • ToastyFlake

        I love the Pixelmator app as a photoshop replacement.

      • FootSoldier

        Same here.

  • FootSoldier

    Bro! Really. Wasn’t this exact same statement made when Windows 8 was released. Win 10 should be a nice Windows upgrade, but change the mobile landscape. Man! Really! Windows mobile devices are so far in the hole, I don’t know what they can even do for even a smidgen of relevance. Even the Surface Pro, there crown jewel, is selling horribly in comparison to any Apple device, and most Android devices.

    • BoltmanLives

      Surface Pro is $1000+ and Microsoft buyers have much more money sense , Your status quo devices are going to look old and tired by the time the new Lumias come out. Keep in mind the new Lumia’s will all run Windows 10..and not some limited mobile OS. Its the future and many will hop onboard…choo choo.

      One iPhone sales falter people sell stock and it all goes out the window.

      • FootSoldier

        Man! I guess we will have to see this crazy alternate reality come to fruition. But looking at the many times comments like this were given. I have little faith in this becoming a reality. Cortana is nice, but this notion that consumers want this full OS over the So called Limited Mobile OS, and these recompiled ports is exactly what keeps making Microsoft trip over its own feet. But we’ll see.

      • BoltmanLives

        We will see and soon. I hope you all realize Apples heyday is over. We are at a shift in computing to a distributed cloud backbone and at the knee of a technological explosion. Once you hook all the data centers up and allow the average company access..the world will change. Windows 10 is a huge step to the cloud.

        The last time we had such a shift was around 1980 a year or so before th PC came into play…the only time before that was when Mainframes went online.

        So we are at the step of the third major shift this time to the cloud. People will have to interact with the cloud an the on ramp to it is Windiws 10. Not Apple.

        The days of 2yr contracts for ever thinner devices is over as people get a clue that is old thinking. The world is changing. It’s a better more secure and more productive future ahead.

      • FootSoldier

        OK… Like I said. Heard this all when Windows 8 was released. And the results were abysmal. Besides, Apple is not Microsoft’s biggest threat. Google is.

      • BoltmanLives

        Windows 8 did not have… One store, one core, universal apps, bridges, new hardware reach, nor the four major bridges to port every app over that matters. Except snapchat because their owner has his panties in a wad… But who cares his platform will die without th billions on Windows 10

      • FootSoldier

        Hmm… Like I said Bro. I’ll have to see it to believe it, because having all these are nice, I guest but its not what Microsoft needs most. They horribly need some good mind share back. Because Windows 8 has done allot of damage to Microsoft’s image. Most consumers don’t know what a Lumia is, and wont touch it with a ten foot pole. And, as for developers porting Apps. That will be an insanely big uphill battle. Microsoft was paying developers to port over Apps, and they still didn’t. Because having billions of users wont necessarily make a platform profitable for developers. Android is experiencing this right now.

      • BoltmanLives

        I know how good the Lumia platform is , I also know how good the android and IOS platforms are as I own an Ipad Air and my family has decent androids. All it will take is for a few new folks to switch then they rave bout the platform and tell two more and so on and so on.

        I was a skeptic originally and almost bought myself a Nexus, then I took a chance on the $40 520 , I was blown away by how good it was and ll the offline capabilities in Her Maps, Offline wikapedia and Bing Transltions. I was lso blown away by Lumia Mix Radio. My phone was the most stable of all in the family.

        Again $40… then I spent another $40 on my current 635, LTE upped to !GB and IPS True Black Screen…. I cannot fathom spending $600 on anything IOS or Android.

        So it won’t take much , just in my neck of the woods I see tons of Windows Phones. The kids love them and people want to see mine. So it will happen, you have to remember Microsoft had the advantage of improving over the other two. Nokia hardware is among the best. My 635 survived over 20 seconds underwater and was bone dry when I pried the back off.

        I myself would like to upgrade once more, so I am patiently waiting to see the best (for me) out of the 640/640XL, 740XL,840,940/940XL upcoming handsets .

        The 640XL’s camera is better in blind comparisons to the lauded S6 Edges’s which in turn is better by report than the iPhone6+. So if a $249 Lumia has the best camera now imagine what the 940 line will have.

        The market will shift of that I have zero doubt…Windows Phone is simply too good to fail, and good enough to eventually dominate

  • Pierre Rossouw

    It’s ‘Bendghazi’ not ‘Bendgate’


    Surface is a joke. Microsoft is a joke. You can thank Apple for taking us to the next level

    • BoltmanLives

      What next level? Overpaying for a limited iPhone accessory wrist screen? If that’s the next level there is something really wrong here.

      surface is not a joke. The iPad I am typing on because my laptop charger got left at work..is the joke. Seriously how do iPad users do this web surf thing without going nuts? Hmm iPad or surface?

      Microsoft is not a joke, world runs on Microsoft.


        your comment is a joke….

      • BoltmanLives

        Expound on the next level Apple is taking us. I don’t see this next level you speak of.

  • Keith Brozic

    I’m looking forward to the 6s plus. Will be my first iPhone as I am leaving android. The only thing that I dislike about my wife’s 6 plus is the bezels, which I assume will be the same on the 6s.

  • Twistëd Hümor

    Wasn’t “rose gold” already on a Note3 years ago? Why does the article stop at : “again borrowing from the Apple Watch” ?
    Anyhoo, I’m just glad that they’ll probably have 2 gigs by the time I upgrade my iP5 :D

  • I’m no apple fan, but it’s times like these when I wish we could’ve kept Steve Jobs for at least another year or two into this Windows 10/post-distopian era just to see what should’ve probably happened to iPhone.

  • Quentin Jersey

    At some point the “C” phone will stand for 4 inch “compact” phone.
    I have a 5s and I’d prefer a 6c over the big screen phones.

  • It’s a never ending cycle of hype. Ordered in September, my wife finally received her iPhone 6 plus in December. So she’s had a nearly $1000 phone for less than 6 months, and now they are already talking about how much better the next one will be. It’s maddening. There has to be a tipping point when the consumer becomes either fed up with all this, or just stops caring.

  • Bill F.

    I don’t understand why sapphire glass is considered,1 an upgrade? Is anyone actually scratching their iPhone screens? I have not had any scratches since the 4. I don’t regularly carry it wth my keys or knife but it happens occasionally and no scratches. Sapphire is heavier and more prone to glare. Seems like a bad trade off.

  • The 5s is still a far more sensible size.
    It’s too bad they remain attached to the size war

  • Oh Snap

    HAHAHAHA… you said Window 10…