iPhone 6s could be slightly thicker than its predecessor


Leaked alleged schematics showing the iPhone 6s.
Leaked alleged schematics showing the iPhone 6s.
Photo: Engadget

Apple tends to focus on internal components rather than external changes when it comes to its incremental “s” releases.

However according to a new leaked schematic, this year the company might think a bit different — with a slightly redesigned iPhone body that, surprisingly enough, could turn out to be marginally thicker than last year’s model.

Given everything we’ve heard about how this could be the biggest “s” release Apple has ever made — with improvements in display, speed, camera performance, and much more — in some way it’s little surprise that Apple may have to slightly thicken the iPhone body to accommodate all the changes.

The schematic shows no other major exterior design changes from the current iPhone 6.

It is suggested that the main reason for expanding the iPhone from the 6.9mm thick of the iPhone to one measuring 7.1mm thick is the presence of Force Touch, which is said to be one of the big features of the iPhone 6s, much as Touch ID was for the 5s.

Ultimately, if we do get the changes which have so far been reported, a tiny increase in thickness is something I’d be more than happy to take in my stride; much as I was last year with the slightly-protruding iPhone camera lens.

Who knows? Maybe making the iPhone thicker is just the company’s attempts to avoid a bendgate, part deux.

Source: Engadget

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