Trademark filing hints that El Capitan is coming to iPad


El Capitan coming to an iPad near you?
El Capitan coming to an iPad near you?
Photo: Cult of Mac

Hidden in the dense verbiage of Apple’s latest trademark filing for OS X El Capitan is an intriguing detail not previously seen in similar filings for OS X Mavericks or Yosemite — revealing that Apple’s next-gen OS X could possibly be on its way to the iPad.

As per the European Patent & Trademark Office’s official El Capitan filing, Apple has added “tablets” as a possible category covered for the operating system’s trademark. While this may just be Apple covering all its bases, it’s certainly an interesting possibility, which comes at a time when rivals like Microsoft are trying their best to combine the desktop and mobile experience.

Apple has previously been outspoken about its belief that iOS and OS X should remain separate, but the ability to run the full desktop version of Apple’s operating system (or to switch between OS X and iOS) would definitely be a unique selling point for the forthcoming 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

With tablet sales continuing to decline, many are viewing the iPad Pro as a crucial release for Apple since it has the opportunity to re-establish the iPad as a “must have” device, particularly as a productivity tool. Other iPad Pro features are expected to include USB-C, a special stylus, NFC, Force Touch and Apple’s next-gen A9 processor.

Via: Patently Apple

  • I don’t see this happening this year, but MAYBE next year iOS + OS X will merge.

    • Evelyn2563

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  • David Pfenninger

    Soooo…am I missing something in this article, or what is this “intriguing detail??”

    • PMB01

      Paragraph 2, sentence 1: “As per the European Patent & Trademark Office’s official El Capitan filing, Apple has added “tablets” as a possible category covered for the operating system’s trademark.”

  • Kostner Guyton

    That would be killer!! But it won’t happen, because it would totally canibalize the New Macbook. I think it is apple just covering its bases. But there will come a time when iOS becomes too advanced to be considered a “mobile” OS and it will have to merge with OS X. But not this year. iOS X (10) maybe…

  • Michael Rubin

    if OS X El Capitan can run on a iPad, whose to say that they don’t also have a plan to run iOS 9 on the Macbook? Like Win10 in Parallels.

    • PMB01

      Because iOS on a MacBook would be dumb.

  • BongBong

    iPad Pro here we come!

  • Joe_HTH

    Um, it doesn’t hint at that at all, as PocketNow goes into more detail.

  • NEU Engineering CC

    Would also explain the rumours of more ram in the next iPad…

  • PMB01

    Everyone has this all wrong. If this indeed happens, it won’t be an iPad. This will be a new category like the Surface. OS X and iOS aren’t merging.

  • I completely think that this will happen EVENTUALLY. Ever since Lion I saw this as the probable direction Apple was taking. I think the day will come when a new Mac is revealed and it’ll look just like your iPhone BECAUSE IT’LL BE YOUR iPhone. Just plug your iPhone 7,8,9 or whatever into a USB C doc and boom you got your iOS device switching to OSX with a plugged in monitor and bluetooth keyboard and mouse/trackpad. Easy peasy.