Phil Schiller Says Merging OS X And iOS Would Be A ‘Waste Of Energy’



According to Phil Schiller, merging the OS X and iOS operating systems would be a “waste of energy.”

Schiller was giving an interview with MacWorld on the eve of the Mac’s thirtieth anniversary. Asked about the chances of such a convergence, Schiller had the following to say:

“We don’t waste time thinking, ‘But it should be one [interface!]’ How do you make these [operating systems] merge together?’ What a waste of energy that would be.”

Apple’s software head, Craig Federighi, added that, “The reason OS X has a different interface than iOS isn’t because one came after the other or because this one’s old and this one’s new. Instead, it’s because using a mouse and keyboard just isn’t the same as tapping with your finger.”

“You don’t want to say the Mac became less good at being a Mac because someone tried to turn it into iOS,” Federighi continued. “At the same time, you don’t want to feel like iOS was designed by [one] company and Mac was designed by [a different] company, and they’re different for reasons of lack of common vision.”

Apple’s insistence on keeping OSX and iOS separate is in marked contrast to Microsoft, which has been working toward merging the desktop and smartphone operating system worlds for some time now. Microsoft’s desktop Windows 8 OS featured a touch-friendly interface, with Metro-style apps — of the sort seen on the Windows Phone. MS also made Windows RT: an ARM-compatible version of Windows 8.

Source: MacWorld

  • david_fabian

    That’s refreshing.

  • Howie Isaacks

    I’m glad that they finally said something publicly about this. It makes total sense that they would not merge the two operating systems. One is designed to work best on a Mac, and the other is designed to work best on a device with a touch screen. Beginning with OS X Lion, Apple started bringing iOS features to the Mac, but unlike the experience with Windows 8, users are not FORCED to use these features. I know people who never use Launchpad. The feature is there, but it stays out of the way. This is unlike Microsoft’s Metro interface that is forced on the user the moment they boot up their PC.

  • andrewkingmusic

    This is why investors are losing faith in Apple. They can’t see two feet in front of their face. What they fail to acknowledge is that even laptop computers are merging with tablets. The line between tablet phone and laptop will fade away. Laptops now are touch screens, tablets now have keyboards and trackpads. If they don’t see this quick they will continue to tumble until they are just like they were before Jobs returned.

  • setatakahashi

    iOS is a subset of Mac OS X. It makes no sense to merge Cocoa Touch back into Cocoa.

    What makes a lot of sense is to add a keyboard and mouse capability into iOS.

  • William D

    Sure looks a bit of a diversion comment now !