Everything that’s new in iOS 9 beta 2


iOS 9 beta 2 goodies are here

Apple seeded iOS 9 beta 2 to developers today and while there aren’t any groundbreaking new features or drastic improvements, the company did manage to add a bunch of little changes and tweaks across the OS.

Most of the improvements are small design changes, but there are a couple really useful additions too, like adding Handoff to the app switcher, search improvements are more.

Take a look at everything that’s new in iOS 9 beta 2:

New Podcasts Icon


The Podcasts icon takes on a fresh new look. It’s the same color scheme but now sticks out a tad more among other apps on the home screen.

‘Apple Watch’ companion app changes to…


The Apple Watch icon remains the same, but the name for the app underneath has changed from “Apple Watch” to simply “Watch.” The new wording is a bit more consistent with Apple’s references elsewhere like on Apple’s website. Plus, it also blends in nicer with Apple’s other apps, most of which are just one word in length.

Search is better


Search is generally improved in iOS 9 beta 2. It feels a bit faster and brings up more results from a larger array of apps. In Settings, third-party apps now have their own on/off toggles for search as well. Searching through third-party apps is coming soon once apps start implementing the API. As you can see, Apple still has a few kinks to work out though.

Low Power Mode description updated


This might be the most exciting new change on this list so brace yourself: iOS 9 beta 2 updates the description for Low Power Mode in Settings. Nothing about how it functions has changed, it seems Apple just wasn’t content with the wording in beta 1.

News App added to iCloud


In iCloud Settings, News app now has its own toggle to sync across multiple devices. Turning it on or off doesn’t do anything as the News app hasn’t debuted yet, but it will come into play this fall.

Safari settings


The settings for Safari add two new options while removing another. You can opt to show or hide the favorites bar or the tab bar now within the Settings, but the Content Blockers option that appeared in beta 1 is gone.

iPad Keyboard Tweaks


iOS 9 beta 1 brought a few handy actions to the iPad’s keyboard, mainly dedicated buttons for cut, copy and paste. The former two are replaced by Undo and Redo buttons in beta 2. Paste is still visible by default. If you select text, the cut and copy buttons return to where they used to be so they’re visible when you need them and out of sight when you don’t.

Handoff emerges in app switcher

Photo: MacRumors
Photo: MacRumors


Handoff, one of Apple’s Continuity features, has emerged in multitasking view. If you’re in an app on another iOS or OS X device and quickly want to pick up where you left off on another, double-tapping the Home button now displays Handoff as the first multitasking option.

  • Gary32283

    How about put email attachments at the top of an email?

    • Droid!!!


      You can put attachments where you want…

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  • Chris Harper

    Double tap on lock screen brings up wallet payment for Apple Pay also in changlog where it says FaceTime doesn’t work with iPhone 6 on beta 2 is incorrect as it does indeed work for me

    • RayRayBeav

      This feature was actually available in Beta 1. I did it a couple of times by accident, but would like to know how to shut it off.

  • Is the battery life any better than beta 1?

    • That’s great question…

    • Gamer

      Yes definitely

    • As @Gamer said, definitely.

      • Michelle5154

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    • RayRayBeav

      I feel it has so far.

      • Sam Parmenter

        Yeah, massively. Its gone from appalling to good. I would lose about 10% per hour before and now its about 2%

      • RayRayBeav

        I agree my battery has massively increased. It’s incredible what a difference it’s made.

  • michaelmoves

    Are the new settings in Safari, specifically “to show or hide the favorites bar or the tab bar” just for the iPad? They are iPad features in 8.4 beta.

  • Cj Brown

    Once you click on an artist in music it now is coloured like in iTunes

    • Asu

      This i like very much i.e consistency :-)

  • popweasel

    This ‘in-app search’ business is a big deal….I can see this leading to me using Google a much less often than I do today.

    • Asu

      very true…search has been personalized by apple :-)

  • Christo Du Plessis

    Battery Life drastically improved. A whopping 1.5 gb extra space. Feels fast, light and responsive in comparison to Beta 1

  • Jeff Ansari

    Has it been said if there will be another beta release to go along with the Apple Music launch on Tuesday ?

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