Apple denies pulling non-Apple Music artists from iTunes


Jimmy Iovine talks up Apple Music at WWDC 2015.
Photo: Apple

An Apple spokesperson claims that the company will not remove artists who decline to sign up for Apple Music from the iTunes Store.

This is the latest development in the tense negotiations leading up to the streaming service’s launch on June 30, with indie musicians and labels claiming that Apple is trying to bully and coerce them into putting their music on the new platform.

Apple made the statement to Rolling Stone in response to indie musician Anton Newcombe’s claims on Twitter that the company threatened to pull his work from its online store if he didn’t sign on for Apple Music.

(Note: The account Newcombe is addressing is not affiliated with Apple.)

Indies are reluctant to join Apple Music due to a section of the 250-page licensing agreement that says that they will not receive royalties for the first three months of the service. That is the period during which Apple Music will be free to all users. After that, an individual subscription will cost $9.99 a month, and a plan for a family of up to six members will be $14.99.