Here are all the countries getting Apple Music (so far)


Who's going to be dancing along come June 30?

During Monday’s introduction of Apple Music at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple said “over 100 countries” will have access to its music-streaming/social/radio platform when it launches June 30. But it didn’t say which countries those would be.

We’ve done some investigating, and we’re pretty sure we’ve got a good idea of who’s definitely getting their dance on. Check out our map below.

Apple Music map
Apple’s well on its way to those 100 countries it was talking about. Click the picture for the full-sized version.
Photo: Evan Killham/Cult of Mac

How do we know which countries we can safely confirm? It’s not entirely scientific, but we clicked on all the iTunes links for every country listed on Apple’s site. If the page header had an Apple Music listing at the top, we’re pretty sure they’re all set to go at the end of this month.

This picture does come with a few caveats, however.

For one thing, most of the countries in Central and South America, along with most of those little islands in the Caribbean, don’t have their own dedicated iTunes site. Apple lumps them all under “Latin America” with both English and Spanish pages. But anyone from, say, Belize who clicked on their country at the selection screen would go to a site that includes information about Apple Music, so we feel pretty safe including it on the chart.

Another thing to consider is that this map is almost certainly going to change in the next few weeks. Apple probably hasn’t been specific about Apple Music countries because it likely hasn’t finished closing all the deals it must wrap up to put its service into place. So when you look at our data, bear in mind that some “blue” countries will become greens in the coming days and weeks. This is just where they’re at right now based on our investigation.

So how close is Apple Music to that 100-nation mark? As of this writing — and according to our data — it’s about two-thirds of the way there with 66 countries. That leaves another 52 that could get the service (i.e. those with access to iTunes but no “Apple Music” heading), so it has plenty of room to expand. Obviously, Apple wants to hit all 52 of those places, which would give it a total reach of 117 countries. And that would be a lot of people listening to Beats 1 radio and asking Siri to play the top hits of 1972.

I just looked it up — those songs are amazing.

  • Even if it says coming soon (Muy Pronto) , in Mexico?

  • sMalL hIlL

    Mp3s are still your best friend.

  • Marco Lopes

    Although there’s nothing about the Apple Music on the website of Apple Portugal, I believe that on June 30 we’re going to have the service. Don’t know why, but the website of Apple Portugal only is updated after a week (or even more) after announcements like this, even if the page it’s not translated to pt-pt (like it happened with the announcement of the iPhone 5s, for example).

  • Ronald Ho Hip

    Yay for Africa… not.

  • Mattias Jacobsson

    Yay! Apple hates sweden for some reason but we seem to be on the list.

  • Andrey Stepko

    What with israel?

  • Fernando

    Why not in Portugal? Seriously, what’s Apple’s problem with my country? Jesus…

  • In New Zealand we have the Music in the menu but it says coming soon. Hopefully 30/6/15