Apple Watch’s hardened aluminum in iPhone 6s could lay Bendgate to rest


Apple's new aluminum will kill Bendgate.
Apple's new aluminum will kill Bendgate. Photo: Unbox Therapy
Photo: Unbox Therapy

It’s been rumored for months that the iPhone 6S might pick up Apple Watch’s Force Touch feature when it’s updated this Fall, but according to the Chinese media Jony Ive is also planning to use the same aluminum used in the Apple Watch Sport.

If Apple pulls it off, it could solve the Bendgate controversy.

Economic Daily News claims Apple will use the same higher level of 7000 series aluminum found in the Apple Watch Sport. If Apple manages to work the harder metal into the mass production process it could result in 60% harder iPhone cases, blowing pasting Samsung’s smartphones, which also have a bending issue. 

Apple touted the strength of the Apple Watch Sport’s aluminum in a video released in March. The 7000 series aluminum is the same that’s used in competition bicycles, only Apple altered it with a new alloy to make it just as light but more durable.

EDN has a spotty track record with Apple rumors, so readers should take this rumor with a fair bit of skepticism. However, Apple has been brought iPhone features to the iPad, so it’d make sense for Apple Watch to be a source of innovation for future iPhone features.