Master your Apple Watch before it arrives


Do your homework now so you'll be a master of Apple Watch right out of the gate. Photo: Apple
Do your homework now so you'll be a master of Apple Watch on Day 1. Photo: Apple

Once your Apple Watch arrives, you’re going to slap it on your wrist ASAP. But then what?

There’s a fairly steep learning curve for the Apple Watch, since Apple came up with innovations like Force Touch and the Digital Crown to make wrist computing more manageable. Luckily, there’s an easy way you can avoid being baffled by your shiny new Apple Watch — and it won’t take more than a half-hour of your precious time.

The absolute most efficient way to master your Apple Watch before it arrives is to go straight to the font of all information about the long-awaited wearable: Apple’s Guided Tours. These short, straightforward videos are just like the new MacBook — stripped down to the bare essentials for maximum educational value.

The videos, which we’ve embedded below, show you crucial user interface tricks you’ll need to know once you’re wearing an Apple Watch so you won’t be fumbling around in front of curious friends.

Trust us — watching the super-informative video tutorials will be time well spent in between frantically checking to see if your Apple Watch shipping status has been updated. (Here’s how to check UPS tracking info if you don’t know already.)

Update: In case you want even more in-depth information, Apple has just published the official Apple Watch User Guide.

Communicate with Apple Watch

Learn how to send and reply to messages. In addition to using voice recognition, you can use animated emoji, hearts or canned responses.

It’s Dick Tracy time. Learn the easiest ways to make calls from your wrist (and also how to answer or decline incoming calls).

Digital Touch lets you communicate in special new ways with other Apple Watch wearers.

Up your fitness game

The Activity app is Apple Watch’s version of a fitness tracker. It lets you keep tabs on how much you’re moving around (or not).

The Workout app is for more intense physical activities like biking, running or cardio workouts.

Make the most of Siri

You already know how to use Siri on your iPhone or iPad. Here’s how to access Apple’s personable AI from your wrist.

Get around with Maps

Whether driving or walking, turn-by-turn directions are easier and more immediate than ever thanks to Apple Watch’s Maps app.

Listen to some tunes

Your Apple Watch is also a super-convenient remote control. Learn how to control the music on your iPhone from your wrist.

Buy stuff with Apple Pay

If you thought Apple Pay was easy to use with an iPhone, wait till you see how easy it is to checkout with Apple Watch.

Customize your Apple Watch face

From traditional styles to freaky, geeky watch faces that put a new spin on timekeeping, Apple Watch offers plenty of options. Here’s how to customize the face to your specific needs and desires.