Diehard Microsoft fans abandon Windows Phone for iPhone


Leaked promotional shot for the canned McLaren phone, Microsoft's flagship Lumina that was supposed to come out in time for the holidays. Photo: Baidu
Leaked promotional shot for the canned McLaren phone, Microsoft's flagship Lumia that was supposed to come out in time for the holidays. Photo: Baidu

If you needed any more confirmation that Windows Phone is dead in the water, two of its most high profile supporters have abandoned it for the iPhone.

Veteran Microsoft journalists Ed Bott and Tom Warren both published essays this week in which they criticized Windows Phone for its shortcomings and announced that they’ve stopped using Windows Phones personally. Citing a lack of carrier and third-party app support, both agreed that Windows Phone has missed its shot at being a real competitor in the smartphone market.

Over at ZDNet, Bott explained that a lack of support from Verizon is the main reason he ditched his Lumia Icon for an iPhone 6 Plus.

Because of Windows Phone’s almost nonexistent market share, he argued that carriers have no reason to negotiate with Microsoft and maintain a good experience for its users:

Thanks to Microsoft’s minuscule market share (small single-digit percentages in the U.S.), the carriers have almost no interest in collaborating with it on mobile devices. And Microsoft has almost no leverage when negotiating with carriers. The resulting not-so-virtuous circle is what stacks the deck against the Windows Phone platform and makes the experience so frustrating for the few who actually use it.

The reality of how poorly Windows Phone devices are updated is in stark contrast to how Apple can roll out a new iOS version and have it available on nearly every device no matter the carrier.

Bott, who has covered Microsoft for decades and written books on the company, also lamented how Microsoft released its flagship Lumia Icon phone in February and then stopped selling it in October. That would be like Apple halting iPhone 6 sales in May.

A lack of third-party apps has been another detractor from Windows Phone’s success, and it’s the main reason The Verge’s Tom Warren is now a “proud owner of an iPhone 6.” Warren, who has followed Microsoft closely for years and been a very vocal supporter of Windows Phone, also lambasted the platform for its shortcomings this week:

Microsoft is behind in mobile in a big way thanks to the rise of apps. While Windows Phone fans will argue that the platform now has more than 500,000 apps, most of the top iOS and Android apps have Windows Phone equivalents that are severely lacking.

Instagram has been on Windows Phone for over a year, but it still lacks video recording. “It’s simply unacceptable on a platform that prides itself on photography and the great Lumia cameras,” said Warren. “The irony here is that when Microsoft joined Instagram last month, the company’s first post was a video.”

Warren goes on to describe how iOS apps like Dark Sky and Citymapper have become daily essentials in his life. When Windows Phone still lacks even mainstream apps like Tinder and Snapchat, it’s clear that Microsoft has done an extremely poor job at courting developers:

Instead of attracting great indie game developers, unique apps, or photo editing software like VSCO Cam to compliment Lumia cameras, one of the top Windows Phone developers is simply mimicking official apps that aren’t available on the platform. Without these killer apps, Windows Phone will continue to struggle.

It’s hard to imagine more damning critiques of a platform with plenty of promise but no luck at gaining traction in a highly competitive market.

  • esail

    if carriars won’t update, then just do what apple does by directly posting the update.

    • mahadragon

      Microsoft is already doing this. They are trying to get their updates out by using the developer preview kit to bypass the carriers. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always leave all the new functions working properly so it’s not really a viable alternative.

      The new updates require firmware updates as well and that requires the participation of the carrier.

      • jhtanglewood2

        Just to further your point, Microsoft doesn’t have the pull to force carriers to that model for update. Contrarily, the carriers often require special treatment in return for carrying a Windows Phone device.

      • meddle0ne

        I’ve used the preview app to update HTC 8X, Lumina 520, and the ‘unsupported’ Lumina 820 without any issues. What phones and functions are you referring to that didn’t work? Also, the carriers have nothing to do with firmware updates. It’s the manufacturers that handle that. The only role of the carriers are that they want to test it prior to release because they provide the support. Frankly, they don’t know jack anyway.

      • Mark Harr

        Not entirely true. I had updated my Lumia 920 using Developer Preview, but several updated functions were missing until ATT rolled out the full update with firmware. I don’t remember all, but for sure it did not have the Nokia camera upgrade nor the Bluetooth 4.0LE until the official ATT/Nokia release.

      • mahadragon

        You clearly have no idea how the cycle works. The carriers are involved in every update. Apple is the only one that can push updates by themselves.

  • SuicideNinja

    I thought any “hardcore WP user” would be on dev preview. Granted, I believe one of them said they had issues with it.

    App gap was an issue 2 years ago. Seems fine for the most part now. Dumbing the experience down to iOS hardly seems worth it if you can find a way to be on WP8.1.

    We really need to get carriers out of the software side. They have no good reason to be in there…

    • SC Mac

      For me I’ve chosen Android via the Nexus 6 that’ll arrive next Tuesday (12/16).
      I’ll most likely keep many of the MS services (they are better maintained on iOS and Android anyway) for now plus have a new flagship device that is compatible with the world.

      Look at IE, instagram, touch office, Skype, etc…

      But it’s always great to have a choice and I do truly hope MS gets their act together with 10.

      • Johnathon

        Better maintained? Well someone havnt used ms apps recently..

      • SC Mac

        I’ve had a MS Windows Phone from the beginning. The Dell Venue Pro, at the time was considered pretty much the flag ship. I have a 1520 now. So, in the future please read before responding.

        And for the other responder: If MS doesn’t keep up with the plethora of more choices for each category I choose to invest my time, then ill move on.

        For four years I’ve waited, and I’m now finished waiting. The future has yet to arrive with WP… Maybe 10 changes that, if so, I have the funds to come back at will.

      • Heritage80

        Ms services are better maintained on Windows, then iOS secondly. Skype on WP and iOS can share drawings, Android can’t, Photosynth is on WP, iOS, not Android. The only reason Office on WP has less icons to operate with than iOS now is because Office on WP is part of the OS, so will be updated with the OS, while Office Word/Excel/PP are apps on other platforms. Plus MSN apps, lumia apps are frequently updated, you really need to see how they look on Windows phone, the feel, you won’t get that on Android. Ms apps are better on WP, but I will agree Office is the only one which doesn’t look better on WP as of now.

      • PMB01

        Office on iOS was Microsoft’s first “touch-first” version of the apps. Not even WP or the Surface had that first.

      • Jeremy Hannon

        Windows Phone has a touch version of ofice long before iOS. It has to be touch first because it doesn’t support a keyboard.

        That said, you look at the way Microsoft is developing the new rewrite of office, they are maiking it cross platform with a common core. The current iOS and Android versions are based on this new version, so they get to be test subjects for the new platform. When the final version is released on all platforms, including Windows 10, I have a feeling it will be best on the Windows 10 OS versions, including the build for phones.

      • PMB01


      • PMB01

        No it hasn’t. Touch-first means the UI is actually designed for optimal touchscreen use, which the current Windows version is not. It’s the reason articles like this exist: http:// thenextweb. com /microsoft /2014/ 09/07 /microsoft-nears-windows-9-unveiling-still-hasnt-shipped-touch-first-office/

        The iOS and Android versions are touch-first. I agree that they are the testing ground, but I think the experience will be pretty similar across versions once Windows 10 (late next year) and Office (2016 for Windows, based on the current cycle. The new Mac version is coming next year).

      • Jeremy Hannon

        Windows Phone is not Windows. The Windows Phone has a built-in Office application that was designed for Windows Phone and for touch (no other input method available). I am well aware of the situation of Office on Windows RT, etc., hovever I was not talking about the Windows version, but the Windows Phone app.
        The new Office coming for both Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc. is being built on a common office core with different parts for the UI.

      • PMB01

        It’s still not touch-optimized. Microsoft said it’s coming with Windows 10. There is no Windows Phone 10.
        http:// www. windowscentral .com/ microsoft-confirms-touch-based-office-apps-are-coming-windows-10

      • whatsa2

        And what is w10 to be?
        On PC, tablet, Phone and xbox etc.
        The only difference is that w10 on PC will support legacy progs
        Otherwise its just a common Modern architecture across all platforms. PC and phone currently have universal apps this just will continue

      • PMB01

        Which has nothing to do with this conversation. Think before you hit “Post” next time.

      • whatsa2

        And they have said that’s coming too…
        maybe you should stop cherry picking the facts…
        coming is coming until one is available its not relevant.

      • PMB01

        What the hell are you talking about? Nothing you’ve said makes any sense.

      • whatsa2

        fine keep trolling… and attack everytime you are wrong

      • PMB01

        You’ve refuted none of my points and made none relevant to the conversation. You’re not even on the same topic we are. You sir, are the troll here. Go back to your bridge.

      • whatsa2

        NO I pointed out you stupid comment….
        you have no idea what MS are doing and imply you do.
        your facts are another sites guess.

      • PMB01

        No you didn’t. You’re trying to save face and it’s not going to work. I watched the Windows 10 keynote. I’ve read extensively about it. I HAVE the technical preview of it. You are an oblivious moron and your comments continue to prove it. Now shut the hell up and get back to your bridge. Or are you one of those cave-dwellers? All you trolls look the same.

      • whatsa2

        We all look the same?
        The perfect final comment that qualifies all your other comments.

      • Jeremy Hannon

        It is a touch based app. It is not the full Office Suite, it has a version of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint in it, but it is not the future full touch-based office suite currently in development.
        It was, however, desiged to be used by touch because that is the only input method for Windows Phone. Well, that and voice. I can’t help it if there are that many tech bloggers and writers out there who copy from one another and can’t get things exctly right. The general criticzm has been that Windows RT had a full version of office that was not “touch based” and, therefore, ran in the desktop mode when other apps were not allowed to. This is what they are all talking about when they talk about Microsoft finally getting their touch based office and the product will be ready for Windows 10.
        I, however, was not referring to any of this. I am talking about the Office application that runs on EXISTING Windows Phones, which I have used since 8.0. It is not perfect, but it works and it is there and it uses touch as the input and interaction method.
        And, there is not a Windows Phone 10, as a seperate operating system, but there will be Windows 10 on phones, including the existing phones that run Windows Phone 8. Whether it is called Windows phone 10 (small p), Windows 10 phone, Windows 10 mobile, or Windows 10 Phone Edition has not been announced, and, fraknly, the name does not mean much. The fact is that a build of Windows 10 will be coming to phones.

      • PMB01

        Again, the version of Office you are referring to IS what I’m talking about. All Windows/WP versions of Office are not the full, touch-based app that people are talking about that is coming for Windows 10, which will be called Windows 10 no matter the device it is on. Whether you like to admit it or not, you’re wrong. Currently, Android and iOS are the ones ahead of Microsoft (in more ways than one), but especially when it comes to having a full, touch-based version of Office. Get your head out of your ass and listen for once.

      • tralalalalalala50

        Hope your n6 doesn’t have burn in, pink screens, and stuttering (remember to root and disable security encryption or the phone is slower than the n5)

    • TechInsane

      Why on earth is this news? Just look at wp8 market share, it is obvious most people do not like the mobile platform. MSFT has failed to differentiate it mobile platform, not the price problem but more on value proposition problem, Cortana has not done what most of us expected making the platform relevant.

  • Nicholas Maguire

    Tom Warren was not a true fan. All he did was post trash articles about Microsoft, we don’t need him. Also, the app gap is closing pretty fast. In just the past few weeks we’ve gotten VLC Media Player, MX Player, Minecraft Pocket Edition, and Candy Crush. Give it a year or two, and everyone will want a Windows Phone!

    • CrticialFan

      Tom Warren at his old site (Winrumors) was and still is a fan of Microsoft and Windows. Being a fan of a platform doesn’t mean you can’t be critical of it. Windows Phone has serious problems and people need to stop pretending that it doesn’t.

      • John Smith

        being a Microsoft fan doesn’t oblige anyone to be a Windows Phone user… I really hate google as a company but that doesn’t stop me from using its search engine tailored to my needs(plugins that block ads, cookies, etc.)
        He IS an AppleFag, face it! Having a site about windows doesn’t make you a Diehard fan, that was his job(websites are supposed to generate income)
        Daniel Rubino is another AppleFag disguised as a Windows Fan on the WindowsCentral site… I got banned from the forums and comment to pointing that out in an educated manner, He doesn’t like people who blows his cover…

      • horcrux7

        Bro, you have no life. This blog is about Apple, if you don’t like Apple why are you here? You’re a thirsty as troll lol..

      • Nicholas Maguire

        Well lets, see, how about the article comes up on news sites? Is that good enough of a reason?

      • horcrux7

        I don’t care about android, you won’t find me lurking on posts about android.. This is about Apple, you don’t like Apple, why are you here? Lol.. trolls gotta eat..

      • Nicholas Maguire

        This article is about both Windows Phone and Apple… that’s why I’m here. I searched “Windows Phone” on Bing News and this came up.

      • herbertsnow

        LOL you need help.

      • Cold_dead_fingers

        Seeing your shameless use of “Applefag” in attempt to get you point across here, I highly doubt anything you said there was educated. You were probably blocked because you needed to shut the fuck up.

      • Bodeanicus

        No, you got banned for being a dick and a troll, judging from what you’ve written here.

      • Fireblazes

        I would ban you here, for using such a denigrating term. So I would just ask everyone to vote him down.

    • DarthDisney

      God, its a company not a religion.

      • Thomas Nithin


      • horcrux7

        Or the mindless, lifeless android fans who go on websites about apple and read everything and anything pertaining to apple. If you don’t like apple, why are you here? Is your life so empty that you need to do this?

      • tralalalalalala50

        They have to browse the internet on their pcs to kill time since the phones aren’t usable.

      • whatsa2

        No the truth is 10″ or larger is just a better experience…
        ( no matter the OS).

    • herbertsnow

      You sound butthurt.

  • Muller

    Whoooo cares… in the end it is only two guys… In Europe, Telecom companies have a professional way of doing things and there is TRUE choice. And not “artificial” choice. That is why Windows Phone have more share here in Europe.

    • mahadragon

      Nokia’s phones are designed and developed in Europe where they have close connections and ties. Lumia’s are designed with pretty bright colors which Euro’s just adore. iPhones are also very expensive in Europe and they don’t have subsidies or 2 year contracts These are the reasons why Windows phone is more successful. Microsoft has been targeting the low end of the market and they are getting more headway.

      • TechInsane

        Not forgetting Nokia phones were beautiful before Elop turned up. The last great Nokia phone

      • Cant agree with you, Lumia design has its genesis in N9 but has evolved and is still stylish, look at Lumia 830, Lumia 7300 etc.

      • TechInsane

        Nah, those phones are too tabletity.

      • Ray Cheshire

        We have subsidies and plenty of 2 year contracts. IIRC Virgin are offering the iphone 6 (2yr contract) for 36 GBP per month. I’m from the UK.

    • TechInsane

      I wish Jolla was further development I would drop my WP in an instant.

  • Marco Hernandez

    Windows Phone is much faster than Android devices, It must be thanks to the OS since you can have half the RAM and get same or better experience than an Android device.
    Also, Windows Phone’s Lumia 1020 40 megapixel camera still much better than the one on iPhone 6.

    • SC Mac

      Maybe yes, maybe no. If all I wanted to do is take pictures I’d most likely buy a high quality standalone shooter. But the VAST majority of the world wants solid performance from a pocket device that allows them to dream and DO lots of things.

      MS does utility very well, most of the time. By moving to either platform, I can still use the MS apps and services, that are generally better functioning and maintained, and also have a flagship device that is compatible with the world.

      I’m tired of making excuses and apologizing on behalf of half baked promises and hope in a future that never really seems to arrive. Life’s to short. Laters

    • johnathon

      Windows phone is leagues ahead of android. Sure it doesn’t have some apps, but seriously though as a power user it really isn’t missing much. It’s better than shitty unstable android chucking malware all over the phone and taking my every move so it can sell me advertising.

      • Lol

        Dude get over yourself. Every time I use my 1520 adds pop up.. That’s why I moved on to a note 4. I hope wp makes it, but it needs more games and variety, not 20 versions of a popular ios and Android app.

      • Bodeanicus

        What the hell is a “power user?” What are the requirements? Being able to text at 300 words per minute? 80,000 game “achievements?” 22 CPU cores? You people are ridiculous. It’s a PHONE.

    • tralalalalalala50

      Android will always be the slowest because they are bound to java. It’s a trade off of using portable code.

  • John Smith

    And you call that “diehard fans”?
    I AM a diehard fan of Windows Phone, I’m on Dev Preview and I review apps and go to User voice to support ideas or even post some ideas(not backed up idk why, they are good)
    Since I discovered the Palm Treo Pro, to these HD7, HD7s, Lumia 720, Lumia 1520, Lumia 620 and soon a Lumia 920… most of them got a new owner, and they are happy thanks to the fact that I helped them to make the transition from Android…
    I tried Android and IOS from 6 to 8 because my boss has an iPhone(on 7) and iPad2(on 6) and my brother’s faulty 4S(on 8), I’m not impressed and frankly both OS made me miserable.
    Lagdroid has NO MULTITASKING, WP and IOS have that well made.(my boss had a galaxy S4 and now it has a S5, I had an Alcatel 6012A) is bad for work thanks to the lack of security inside the core. And fixing them whem something goes wrong is difficult thanks to the manufacturers(except Alcatel, they had utilities similar to the Lumia Software Recovery Tool or the iTunes)
    IOS is not user friendly when it comes to creating a new account on the store, and using it for work is a disaster… My boss only reads and answers email, but when it comes to make a new email or reply with attachments my Lumia save the day without using the PC, lets not talk about Camera quality, not even the bendable iPhone 6 can match my Lumia 1520 or even the Lumia 920.
    WP has its flaws like being incapable of attaching a document(but that and some other flaws will be improved)

    On the article: ZDNet and the Verge are HARDCORE APPLEFAGS… they hate WP because they are payed to say trash about anything that’s not Apple, that’s the whole truth.

    • CNET is the worst of them all. Declaring Iphone 5 camera better than Lumia 1020.

    • Lol

      Now that you listed (some) accurate positives, why don’t you make a list of the things Android can do? Way a troll is a troll regardless of what platform they use

    • Cold_dead_fingers

      Lol do you even know how to test phones? One way you don’t test phones is by using a model that’s multiple generations old.

      I’ve owned Windows Phone devices (all gen 1 devices), and I don’t compare them to my current iOS experience. That would be stupid, but I sure as hell compared those devices to my older iPhones. I found that iOS was ahead by a pretty large margin. I still enjoyed the UI of WP, but it lacked even iOS features in the core OS. Recently, I played with a HTC One M8 for Windows Phone. I thought this would be the phone that opens my eyes to Windows Phone again since it has the latest iteration of Windows and it’s the One M8, one of the most highly regarded Android phones. If it was good on Android, I thought it’d surely be great on Windows phone. I didn’t find the experience to be bad, but something is off.

      For one, the standard software keyboard is terrible. It takes up such a large portion of the display that it’s hard to read what I’m typing. Second, the camera still hasn’t been improved from the Android version. Third, even though iOS does more stuff, my iPhone 6 – which is almost filled to capacity with data, mind you – was still faster at launching application, and as stated in the article, a lot of these apps do more on iOS. Fourth, BoomSound didn’t appear to be all that great from the demo. In fact, I don’t know how good the speakers are because Microsoft doesn’t load their demo units with music or demo video. I couldn’t believe that. I had to go on YouTube to hear some type of media, and who knows if they properly demonstrated the speaker output, but it wasn’t great.

      As for positives, the only positive that I walked away with is that the phone and OS look beautiful together. The problem there is that my current phone and OS already looks beautiful together.

      In the end, I might buy a HTC One M8 off contract next year when the price goes down to really dissect the experience more. I think there’s something there, but I won’t know until I get to use it for hours. For now, my iPhone 6 works great for my job and home uses.

  • Jonathan Charles Bennett

    Read the description of the author….Says all you need to know.

    • Johnson

      “massive fucktard”

    • utarasone

      Agreed. And his 12-year old sounding reply just proved your point.

  • mahadragon

    There’s really no excuse for MS to be so far behind in the app category. Vast majority of the employees are MS are software engineers. There’s no reason MS can’t dedicate an entire group to just making great apps for their own app store. Fact is, MS doesn’t consider it a priority.

    MS is one of the biggest, most valuable companies on the planet. They have plenty of money and the talent to make the best app store bar none. I think they’ve gotten away from their roots. MS was the first software company before anyone knew what a software company was.

    An app store is a software store. To think MS can’t do software is just ludicrous. MS certainly deserves what they are getting. The app gap is still there. Many of their apps are not even legit, and the ones that are legit often don’t have the same functionality as apps on other platforms and/or don’t get updated as often. MS app store is still a joke.

    And why do we still not have a touch optimized version of Office? There’s no excuse for this. MS has dropped the ball, plain and simple.

    • jhtanglewood2

      Its mainly 3rd party apps that are still the problem. Microsoft can’t force Google (or anyone else) to make apps for them, and they can’t make them themselves.

    • PMB01

      There is a touch-optimized version of Office, but it’s on iOS. MS really has dropped the ball since even they develop for iOS first.

      • MS says they are working on the W10 version of Office which will debut next year.

      • PMB01

        Of course they are. They don’t wanna be behind with a new version of Windows.

      • Maybe that’s y not much improvement in Office for WP8. W10 is going to replace WP8 so y spend time and overhaul for WP8 when they are already doing it for W10.

      • PMB01

        Make it for Windows 8/WP8 now. Windows 10 isn’t coming out until late next year. Making Windows customers wait even longer is dumb when the iOS version is where the more advanced interface is. They could release for Windows 8 now and patch it for Windows 10 next year. Microsoft is so out of touch with its customers.

    • SC Mac

      Agreed. Very little about 2014 makes me believe MS sees WP or flagship hardware as a priority.
      Maybe 10, basically the third attempt/reboot, will finally make a difference.. If so, awesome!

      All consumers will benefit from a strong third for competition. Honestly, in my humble view, everyone, no matter their choice today, should root for a strong third to better drive competition and innovation.


  • SC Mac

    Like many, I’ve been on the road with MS from the beginning. From dev languages, setting up data centers, and selling a company that was at the forefront of ‘cloud computing’ (before the name was even first uttered).

    I am on the dev preview program; however, no longer is that enough. My Nexus 6 arrives this Tuesday,Dec 16.

    As I move the nano-sim from my 1520, I’ll do it with both a bit of sadness; as well as, excitement to have apps that are feature rich (eg, instagram) and a store that is thriving with a new (2014) flagship phone. Microsoft, via Windows Phone, has finally worn me down. Laters

  • Joseph Turgeon

    I love my Lumia 1520, running developer preview. my gramma use iphone. my grampa have android.

  • ChrisC

    Did we really need an article to tell us this OS is doomed?

    People are raging saying the developer preview is awesome, but do the real users get access to this. No

    I had the 920, the interface was nice, but the apps were useless and buggy. Poorly ported versions, orginally you couldn’t even join a 802.x wireless network. Fail from an enterprise OS company.

    I’d vote up Android and iOS over this.

    It is doomed, sorry.

    • AMRooke

      I don’t understand your comment about the developer preview not being accessible to “real users”. I am not a developer, just a guy who likes my Lumia 920, and I (as just about anybody who wants to) got the developer preview, and am months ahead of what the lame US carriers will deliver (carriers, their exclusive hardware agreements and corresponding anti WP sales push are by far the biggest problem for WP). WP may not be for you, but there is absolutely no reason for anybody to ever want the platform to go away. Many do love it (I am one), and having the competition from WP has forced innovation across the entire marketplace. If WP survives, everybody wins.

      • ChrisC

        I meant your average user (think mums and dads) are not going to install (or even know how to install ) a developer preview therefor won’t get theses features.

        After owning both Android and iOS devices since, I won’t be going back to WP.

        This is however just my opinion, so can be taken as a pinch of salt.

      • AnonymousCoward

        If they can’t then this whole argument is moot because they won’t be able to install any of the other apps being discussed here.

        Getting the dev preview is as simple as browsing the store, installing the developer preview app, signing in with your MS account, and getting updates through the normal update notification mechanism.

    • jhtanglewood2

      “Do the real user get access to (Dev preview)”…
      Yes, they certainly can. Its free for anyone. You don’t have to be a real/paid developer to get it.

  • While damning, it’s hard to say this is a sign of impending doom. Windows Phone has always had better traction at the low end, and this year they have only released low and mid range devices, so you can say they’re going after that segment in full now.

    Of course if you’re a hardcore techie like these writers, it’s easy to feel abandoned by this strategy – the most exciting devices come from Apple and Android manufacturers now.

    However, it’s their only real move at this. High end phones are too competitive to break into, and the app gap gets closed by market share, not inspiring hardware.

    • amcmo

      If MS is going for the lower and midrange, they are doomed. Even Samsung can’t make a profit in that market, which is now owned by the Chinese. HTC have said they will not make another Win phone as it’s too small a market and unprofitable. Samsung have said as much also.

      As for the supposed superiority of the Nokia cameras, there’s a damned sight more to camera superiority than pixel count.

      Windows phone traction at any point in the market, is low single digits. That’s not traction, thats just a minor smear of mud.

  • johnathon

    Yay, windows phone lost two worthless sellouts. Lets all complain about the app gap while I sit here on my phone that is still leagues superior to any iphone.

    • PMB01


  • Windlasher

    ZUNE 2.0

    • jhtanglewood2

      I hope not… but I will say that my Zune 30 was worlds better than the iPod it replaced. I was ridiculed for, but the results spoke for themselves – it was a superior product with inferior marketing and late arrival.

      • Windlasher

        I have never actually used or even actually held a ZUNE in my hands so I can’t say. What I can say is that we are now waaaaaay past the point where companies can just sit it out and see what sticks to the wall. The ecosystem won’t allow it. Androidians and IPhonieans invest significant money in their ecosystem and getting them to start over is going to be a bitch unless you come up with something absolutely amazing that no one can do without, and no one has done that to date.

        A year from now it will be VR glasses or some other cool thing and only those on the top will survive. Its going to be interesting.

      • PMB01

        No. VR glasses will not be a thing. People said Google Glass would be a thing by now, too.

      • Windlasher

        I said “or some other cool thing” It could be self flushing and singing turds’ but it really doesn’t matter.

      • if that were the case it would have taken off, Just like things go viral.

      • jhtanglewood2

        If that’s what you believe, but I’m telling you, it was better.
        Obviously, you didn’t own one or you’d know.

  • David Mills

    jst because two old fart heads going to switch to a garbage iphone6 don’t mean windowsphone is dead. Those two idiots are just bunch of girly men wimps. They can play with there bendable iphone6 toy. People stick with WP and just wait WP 10 going to be twice better. Don’t follow these two old fart heads who completely don’t have clue if WP. They are just to gays loving Tim cook.

    • PMB01

      Oh look, another idiot making excuses.

  • jhtanglewood2

    “Diehard Microsoft fans”?
    If Ed Bott were really that big of a fan, he would have dumped Verizon not Windows Phone since that was where the bulk of his complaints were. (I did. After 12+ years with Verizon I left for AT&T on Nov. 7. I travel the country for work, and I can honestly say that their network has drastically improved and I have yet to be anywhere that Verizon has better signal – I know this because I also carry a company issued Verizon iPhone)
    Tom Warren supported Windows Phone for his career, as he was the lone Microsoft supporter for the Verge. He may have claimed to have dropped Windows Phone for the iPhone, but truth is, he never left iPhone. If you frequent tweets and even some of his articles, you’ll see that the iPhone has been his true daily driver long before iPhone 6
    As Paul Thurrott put it, these guys were pretenders. Nothing to see here, as a matter of fact I guarantee that Warren pretends to come back with the release of Windows 10.

    • Warren is an enthusuiast but no diehard fan.

    • Bodeanicus

      As if anyone takes Thurrott seriously. His entire career has been carrying water for Microsoft. A shill blogger is not a “journalist.”

      • jhtanglewood2

        Maybe… but isn’t this article about supposed “die hard… fans”? Why not actually mention one?

        I think I stated enough pertinent facts about the other two that focusing on Thurotts’s opinion isn’t necessary.

  • jediman98

    Uhh….who do you talk to?! I’m a diehard Microsoft fan and I absolutely love my windows phone!! I have more features than ios and my camera is still the best in the smartphone market, over a year after it debuted!! Just another apple fanboi writing another bad article.

    • simphf

      Agreed. Smells like butthurt flame bait.

    • Windlasher

      Just because YOU are a die hard WP fan doesn’t mean the world is. The single digit numbers speak for itself. When people ask me why they should buy, I tell them to walk into a store and play with them all and buy what they think they might like. I’m so sick of the whole US vs THEM conversation. Who gives a crap what platform you play flappy birds on is my point of view.

      What I got from the article was that MS missed the boat and that its too bad because they “couda been a continda.”

      So slam Apple all you want – that phone is probably going to die as will the last gasping breaths of Blackberry just like the ZUNE did. Apple and Android are on top and will more than likely stay there.

      P.S. I’m a geek – been there since the beginning and by beginning I mean worked in IT for 25 years and I quit IT 5 years ago. All of my friends are geeks. I live in a major metropolitan area. I have yet to see more than 1 or 2 WP phones personally. That says something.

      • Akuserarēta Lumia

        ummm the Zune died because of the iPod Touch and the death of all other dedicated media players.
        I still use a Zune because I need the storage space

      • Windlasher

        Uh…. yes. Essentially, the Zune died because no one bought enough of them, whatever the reason for that was. Like I said, I never used one or even held one. They could be great for all I know. I have however owned 5 or 6 iPods.

        The point being, if Microsoft can’t sell the Windows phone, its going to go away. The problem is Microsoft is a software company. If they wanted to get into the hardware business again, they should have built a phone with the Windows phone specs which I hear are pretty good and put Android on it.

        They might have had a winner.

      • Akuserarēta Lumia

        Windows phone is software and is not hardware at all, Nokia is the hardware manufacture. WP is not marketed towards the USA thus hints its low market share.
        And installing android on a WP device and its specs would not run very well as WP does not require as high specs as android or iOS. That’s why you can buy a phone with 512MB of RAM and it will work just as good as a phone with 2GB

      • Windlasher

        Doesn’t really matter who makes the HW or who makes the SW if they can’t sell enough of them to make profit. We will see.

      • Akuserarēta Lumia

        It does because you just said that Microsoft makes hardware, if it had not been making money then it would not have made it from 7 to 10 over these years. Get outside of your American bubble and pay attention to its target audience, it’s Europe not the USA. That’s why there are so many devices that do not exist here in the USA

      • Windlasher

        MY American bubble? I have traveled to 32 countries and lived in six. How about you? If Nokia was still relevant they wouldn’t have needed Microsoft in the first place. But you go ahead with that. The Chinese companies like Xiaomi will be a larger force in the mobile market than Nokia. Count on it.

      • Akuserarēta Lumia

        Who cares where you have traveled, you need to pay attention to there markets. Nokia is and still is a independent company and does what they want. Great example Xiaomi is and only is relivent in china because that’s there target audience which is why I don’t see be in Ireland land with a Xiaomi device, if they branch out then they will have low market shares in those areas.

      • Windlasher

        This conversation no longer serves a purpose. Come back in a few years after Nokia completely dies or sells out and remind us of their importance.

      • Akuserarēta Lumia

        What a great illogically argument with no facts or evidence to backup your claim

      • Bodeanicus

        The Zune died because MS was to stupid to realize that the iPod was a pocket computer that happened to play music, not the other way around. They never allowed 3rd party apps on the Zune. Absolute incompetence and stupidity.

      • Akuserarēta Lumia

        The iPod is not a computer, it’s a mp3 player and that’s all, so is the Zune

      • Bodeanicus

        You’re honestly going to say the iPod touch was not a pocket computer?

      • Akuserarēta Lumia

        Then you should have said “iPod Touch”, and the Zune HD addressed it but Apple is to big to go against so it was directed towards the windows users. And if you ever opened Zune you would know there is a market place for Zune HD apps

      • Bodeanicus

        What else would I mean? The old iPod Classic? You know what I meant. And by the way, I owned a Zune 30gb AND a Zune HD, and I still contend that the complete lack of 3rd party apps killed the Zune HD.

      • Akuserarēta Lumia

        I hope you know that the standard iPod was what the Zune was going again, then again people who own Zune are not trying to make a computer out of it, it’s a mp3 player with video and some light games. Does any one ever buy things for what there made for….. It your want all that then go to android

  • digitaldumdum

    “Diehard Microsoft fans abandon Windows Phone for iPhone”

    It could never have been otherwise. The Windows Phone sucked, and those eight or nine people who bought them knew they made a mistake as soon as they got home and started trying to use their new toys. But as surely as the sun comes up, Microsoft will always try to follow Apple (and others) with sub-par hardware ladened with poor operating systems. It’s part of Bill Gates DNA.

    C’mon, flame me!

    • SC Mac

      No flame, but the Surface Pro 3 is no copy. Better thought and even execution.
      What MS suffers is simply the ‘mindshare’. Apple is king of selling…be it even just average or the same…Apple make the consumer ‘desire’ their products. Plus they’ve won the media. What a phenomenal business model (I do own shares).

      MS got behind and the consumer (and media) moved on.

  • TechBell

    Inept leadership from Steve Ballmer is what put them behind and in a big way. Count me among many who embraced and invested in WP and their struggling eco-system but in the end it came up too short to continue. I am also packing a new iPhone 6 and – let’s be honest here – nothing comes close – on any platform.

    If the ‘future is mobile’ then the engine driving it is apps and Microsoft isn’t even close. Many of the media apps I consume simply aren’t available on WindowsPhone along with anything ‘new and hot’ that almost always gets released on iOS first, Android second and then maybe, Windows.

    How absurd is the WindowsPhone app situation? Starbucks – based in Seattle and miles away from Microsoft’s corporate campus in Redmond – hasn’t even bothered to release an official WindowsPhone app. Neither has McDonald’s.

    Admittedly, the Lumia 1020 has a killer camera and my Lumia 925 is a fast, sharp, stylish piece of kit. But today, you’re only as good as your apps. For their part, I think Nokia churned out some very nice handsets and it’s hard for me not to pick up an 830 just because… but unless Microsoft starts to convince, bribe or threaten developers to start making the apps people want, its going to be a short trip for them.

    As for the marketing, design and everything else – Microsoft has done a great job. They’ve done just about everything they’ve had to do to make this work – but it’s just not enough to stem the tide.

  • rino mardo

    whatever reasoning used, the answer is simple… people are tired of Windows.. in all its forms and reincarnations. Period.

  • cruisezero

    Apparently not die hard enough. He has a reputation of being a little flaky + he writes for Verge. I rest my case.

  • Joseph Turgeon

    No, my Lumia 1520 and 2520 I will not abandon

  • This doesn’t change anything. The app problem still persist with apps for WP under featured. A good example is the LinkedIn app and the recently pulled pinterest app which was just a web wrapper.

    The development of windows phone is done at a slow rate compared to android and IOS. There are still some basic features WP is still missing when compared to the competition.

    There is no waste to select all text, no way to cut selected text too. Playing music on WP is the poorest compared to android. I can go on and on. I rest my case here.


    Trust me when you buy iPhone 6, life is beautiful 

  • Tom Warren isn’t a diehard Microsoft user, he switches between platforms frequently, anyway. The reason both of them gave for jumping the ship is also pretty lame. If my carrier didn’t let me use my fav device and platform I would consider changing the telecom. At&t and sprint have pushed the latest update I believe, when the carrier ask for reason of jumping he can state the reason too.

  • Marshall

    How about just using a smartphone as a smartphone and not a toy. Personal communication and work related functions are all you really need cellphone for. WP has all the apps anyone needs to perform these functions. People have forgotten the true purpose of these devices.

  • Clay67

    Apple us a status symbol just like in the 80’s. It was overpriced and underpowered so if you owned one you were “elite”. Just before Microsoft brought them back from extinction by buying up a bunch of stock now one could afford it. So using the “elite” name apple dropped their prices and more people felt like they were part of the end crowd. IPhone had the same hardware issues as any other phone. I’ve used one since iPhone 4 at different companies and they have been lackluster at at best. Apple and Google I can bet gave intimidated dev to stay away from Microsoft. Google started small but had everyone developing for it. I find it hard that someone would not want money from any source possible. Programming in C or C++ us universal just how hard can it be to modify the code unless of course the programmers aren’t as skilled ad the think they are.

  • Piliger Black

    Reading through these two articles it is palpable that these guys have been gagging to move to iPhone for years and have now discovered a sufficient excuse to cover their asses ;)_

  • meddle0ne

    The IPhone is just really bad. Everything must be backed out through continuous menus layers, even when you ‘close’ the app. Worse still, is the back prompt is on the top of the phone where your fingers can’t reach. It’s just a ridiculous chore to do anything. Horizontal scrolling is just stupid on a phone. There’s really no alternative to Windows Phone at this point. It just flows like no other phone OS. Not to mention the tiles are so much more attractive than grids of little icons. The desktop icon idea just doesn’t work well on a phone.

  • Lol

    Just got a note 4 but plan on keeping my lumia 1520 in hopes that good games come to it. I love we 8.1

  • Eric G

    This article is biased, but not as bad as some. The headline is very misleading though. It’s true in the strictest sense: 1 fan + 1 fan = 2 fans, but it leads one to think that hardcore fans are leaving Windows Phone in droves.

    • I would say that two journalists who have been perhaps the most vocal fans of Windows Phone ditching it is very indicative of the retention rate the platform is experiencing.

  • Joel Hunt

    Verizon really has let WP down badly in the US. It was a huge mistake to make the flagship a carrier exclusive in any case. Fortunately I live in Australia and I have the global equivalent of the icon the Lumia 930 unlocked and it is well supported for updates.

    I understand the journalists’ concerns re apps but the situation is improving. I think MS is now focusing on getting the major apps, next step is pushing recalcitrant ones to keep features up to date. I guess not releasing more high end phones is due to the wait for WP 10. However they really shouldn’t wait, a new high ender is needed.

  • B.I.G. Forever

    What a disaster for Microsoft. 15 short years ago, this asymmetrical position was unthinkable.

  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    Two major smartphone platforms are good enough for consumers. Who needs a third platform when there’s already enough smartphone choices out there? The carriers should refuse to sell Windows Phones as being a wasted effort with little to gain. Windows Phone offers nothing special so why even bother with it. No one is going to be storming stores begging for Windows Phones, so if they disappear it won’t even matter. The Microsoft logo means absolutely nothing when it comes to mobile products in general. Consumers don’t care about Windows Phones, developers don’t care about Windows Phones, the carriers don’t care about Windows Phones. That just about says it all. Only Microsoft cares about Windows Phones. Booyah! Enough already, MS. Stick to selling software to real hardware companies and you’ll make more money that way.

  • Costa K

    Wow. Ed Bott. iPhone. Wow. I’ve been reading his stuff for years.

    Pretty soon he’ll be on a Mac too.

  • dhugos

    Why would Windows Phone, if it’s no threat, get so much attention from a magazine like this? Because it has “cult” in the name and Droid-like followers.

  • Fireblazes

    It is the lack of a decent phone available through Verizon that is killing the Windows Phone. I probably will go back to android even though I prefer the WP. I could certainly do without the endless “resuming” screens,when I wake up my phone to use it. The preview is okay but it is stunted by lack of specific hardware integration.

  • Cai

    Unlocked iPhone 6 Plus. Don’t have toe worry about OEMs fitting an is to my phone, carriers making sure they’re compsribke, upgrade whenever I want.

  • bobby

    don’t believe these fake articles… hold your breath and wait for almighty windows 10 to run desktop apps on smartphone as well and see which platform lacks apps count I mean really apps not “go grab some stick”

  • zorkor

    No one cares how many people move to iPhones. These so called editors were already Apple fan boys just writing about Windows Phone time to time. I bet you million dollars they would return to iPhone in no time which they did now.

    I follow both Ed and Warren on Twitter for quite some time and they have rarely anything good to say about Windows Phone.

    Thinking of these two as Windows Phone supporters is far from the truth. So it doesnt make any difference if they leave or not. I feel Windows Phone has a much better future as I see slowly people buying them as secondary phones atleast.

  • So two people stop using Windows Phone, which automatically makes it dead in the water?

  • Will S.


  • Shay Bapple

    I haven’t met a person yet that has abandoned WP for an iPhone. If anything, I know two people that sold their WP for an Android. I on the other hand switched carriers last month just to get a better WP than the year and half old one I had. Sprint doesn’t want to support them, I go to Verizon to buy a flagship WP. That’s how that works.