United Airlines gives Newark terminal $120 million iPad makeover


United Airlines is going all-in on the iPad. Photo: United Airlines
United Airlines is going all-in on the iPad. Photo: United Airlines

Newark International Airport is renounced for its habitually tardy flights, but in an effort to woo (and distract) flyers, United Airlines announced today that it’s planning to give its main terminal an iPad makeover.

The airline is investing $120 million into a upgrade of its main terminal at Newark, which consistently ranks as one of the worst airports in the country, despite being the 14th most busy. To spruce up the terminal, United plans to rollout iPads and other tech flourishes that have become an expectation among fliers now.

In an interview with Bloomberg, United Airlines spokeswoman Mary Clark said the makeover should make the extended waits at Newark more enjoyable.

“From our perspective what we’re looking for, and what we look for in all of our hubs, is something that’s going to be a benefit for our customers — something that’s going to make the time they spend in the airport more productive, more enjoyable, comfortable.”

The grand plan for the terminal is that by 2015, flyers can walk up to an iPad at a restaurant or gat and browse the web, check flight status, or buy food and other items at the terminal that have a guaranteed 15-minute delivery time.

United Airlines will add 10,000 power outlets for wall-hugging iPhone users to go with the 6,000 iPads and 55 dining spots. The redesign is expected to be completed over the next 18 months.