12.2-inch iPad Pro could be thinner than the iPhone 6 Plus


Apple's 12.9-inch iPad Pro just keeps sounding better. Photo: CURVED

Apple is expected to announce a huge iPad in early 2015, and a new report details some of the tablet’s specs.

According to the reliable Japanese site Macotakara, the larger iPad (or ‘iPad Pro’, as it’s been dubbed by the press) will feature a 12.2-inch display and improved stereo audio. The device will also reportedly be about as thin as an iPhone.

While mainstream reports from the last few months have said that the iPad Pro will have a 12.9-inch display, Macotakara is the first to say 12.2-inches instead. Interestingly, such a display would make the iPad very similar in dimensions to the rumored 12-inch MacBook Air Apple is working on.

The implication of today’s report is that the iPad Pro will be used primarily in landscape instead of portrait, like the Microsoft Surface. Stereo speakers on both sides of the device will offer a more luxurious audio experience, and it’s easy to imagine Apple utilizing Beats technology for such an upgrade.

The iPad Pro won’t as thin as the 6.1mm iPad Air 2, but Macotakara believes it will clock in at 7mm—or just in between the 6.9 iPhone 6 and 7.1mm 6 Plus.

Reports originally said Apple would unveil its larger iPad this year, but demand for the new iPhones allegedly pushed back production until early next year.

Macotakara has a fairly solid track record with Apple rumors. It just recently predicted the iPad mini 3 coming last month and nailed the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus names before they were announced.

  • Jhabril_Harris

    What’s the deal with the title? It’s not like the iPad Air 2 was any thicker than the smaller iPhone 6. I would think one would assume the larger the device the easier it would be to spread the internals throughout it.

  • digitaldumdum

    “12.2-inch iPad Pro could be thinner than the iPhone 6 Plus”

    To the fellow who corrected me below, Nick, I thank you. Guess I need that bigger iPad to read better. To my detractors below… you can relax now.

    • Nick_Germ

      ipad pro not macbook pro

      • digitaldumdum

        Got it. My mistake. Thx.

    • Bob the Destroyer

      Honestly how did you manage to screw that up when you even restated the title

      • digitaldumdum

        Honestly, I made a mistake. That’s how I “screwed it up.” Relax now, and tap on.

    • Robert Trance

      You are an interesting kind of… you know. You should be put under studies.

      • digitaldumdum

        I was… you know… under studies (sic). Certified okay now. But thanks.

  • Roxy Balboa

    What is really “pro” about it?

    • Because now people can do Real Work(tm) as opposed to just Media Consumption(tm). Or at least the journos and techie boyz will frame it as such.

  • Donald Duvall

    Day late… dollar short. Microsoft leapfrogged them two years ago in the productive tablet line, while Apple ridiculed them for trying to combine a toaster and a fridge. While Intel has been working closely with Microsoft and their OEMs in the development of these tablets, Apple has been falling further and further behind. The SP3 showed them what a mistake that was.

    • tralalalalalala37

      Microsoft has sold dozens of those ‘tablets’. DOZENS@!!

  • Augusts Kolms

    If this thing is real, I would expect Apple to name it iPad Plus, not iPad Pro – like they did with the iPhone Plus, not like they did with the MacBook Pro. Then again, the iPad is called iPad Air like the MacBook Air is. It’s all very confusing.

    • It is simple

      Not at all. The iPad Air models are thinner and narrower, the iPhone 6 Plus is bigger. So they can call this iPad Air 2 Plus, iPad Air Plus or merely iPad Plus (in order to keep it simple and emphasize the latest change).

  • I can’t imagine a form factor that large in a tablet being useful for much. Too large to hold comfortably, and if I want to get actual work done, I’d just use my Macbook Pro.