Apple spends less than Google and other tech giants on lobbying fees


Photo: imelda/Flickr CC
Photo: imelda/Flickr CC

Apple may be out-earning its rivals, but there’s one place it’s lagging behind: political lobbying.

While companies like Google and Facebook continued to pour millions of dollars into influencing U.S. lawmakers during Q3, Apple spent a fraction of this sum.

According to recently published data, between July and September Google spent $3.94 million on lobbying, while Facebook spent $2.45 million. Apple, for its part, spent just over $1 million — mainly pushing issues related to consumer health legislation, transportation of lithium ion batteries, international taxes, e-books, medical devices, and copyright.

Other giants outspending Apple include Comcast (a whopping $4.25 million) Verizon ($2.91 million), CTIA ($1.95 million), Microsoft ($1.66 million), Oracle ($1.2 million), and Amazon ($1.8 million.)

Overall Google is the largest spender in tech, having run up a huge $13 million bill this year, pushing issues including advertising, cybersecurity, patent abuse, health IT, international tax reform, wind power and drones.

Given Apple’s size, its lack of lobbying is somewhat surprising (though it’s certainly not a new development), although given Apple’s current tax problems stemming from its overseas cash pile, you’ve got to wonder whether it’s something that will more heavily invested in going forward.

Source: Computerworld