iPhone maker Foxconn wants to reduce its reliance on Apple


iPhone 6 maker Foxconn is looking to lower its reliance on Apple.
iPhone 6 maker Foxconn is looking to lower its reliance on Apple.

Apple has given Foxconn record revenues thanks to “unprecedented” orders for its iPhone 6 devices, but Foxconn is trying to spread its wings away from Cupertino.

According to a new report from Digitimes, citing upstream supply chain sources, Foxconn Electronics has been aggressively aiding China-based smartphone clients such as Xiaomi, Meitu, Oppo and Meizu with boosting their sales.

Its reason for doing this is reportedly to increase earnings from non-Apple companies, which would help Foxconn reduce its reliance on whatever orders Apple throws its way.

Currently Foxconn’s earnings are heavily tied in with Apple’s success. Despite its role as a lead manufacturer for the iPhone 6, back in July Foxconn announced its lowest monthly earnings since March 2013, as the result of reported problems assembling Apple’s increasingly-complex devices.

As future iPhones and other devices become increasingly challenging to build, as a result of Apple pushing the limits of what is technologically possible, low yield months could become more regular.

Foxconn is particularly keen to help domestic smartphone companies sell their products outside of China, since this could result in a massive revenue boost for manufacturers should companies like Xiaomi become internationally-recognized names.

It was recently reported that Foxconn is also pouring $811 million into building low cost electric cars.