Apple reportedly places unprecedented order for iPhone 6 units


Photo:  Thomas Moyano and Nicolas Aichino
Photo: Thomas Moyano and Nicolas Aichino

The iPhone 6 is one of the most eagerly anticipated iPhone refreshes in years, but just how anticipated it is might surprise you.

Taiwan’s Business Weekly is reporting that Apple has orders at least 68 million units of its new iPhone. To put that in perspective, if true this is twice as large as the order Apple placed for the iPhone 5.

The report also states that the device (or devices, if you believe reports that we’ll see both a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6) will enter mass production in July. The respective chairmen of Apple’s primary manufacturers, Foxconn and Pegatron, have supposedly known about Apple’s plans since the second week of June.

If these reports come to fruition, it suggests that Apple has a huge amount of faith in the iPhone 6, which is likely to deliver on many of the most-requested demands made about recent iPhones, with a larger display being no. 1.

Taiwan’s Topology Research Institute has previously predicted that the iPhone 6 will sell around 80 million units by the end of 2014, with the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 accounting for 70 million of those, while the 5.5-inch “phablet” will sell between 8 and 10 million units during that same timeframe.

For more information on the iPhone 6, check out our “everything you need to know” post here. The handsets are expected to go on sale September 19.

Source: Business Weekly
Via: GforGames

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10 responses to “Apple reportedly places unprecedented order for iPhone 6 units”

  1. This will kill Samsung. I can’t speak for others, but the reason I did not choose an iphone is the tiny midget like screen. This will be a game changer. Together with XiaoMi and Lenovo eating Samsung’s lunch for lower end smartphones, Samsung better come up with something really new or they will go the Sony way.

  2. GadgetCanada1 says:

    So many people with Androids are just waiting for a larger screen iPhone. There is going to be a lot of switchers come this fall. Samsung must be crapping their pants.

    • Robert Trance says:

      I can imagine that, screen size was the only to tackle for iPhone, besides that it is the best phone already, so i guess too it will be a crazy Q4.

    • Grunt_at_the_Point says:

      The larger screens will generate some switches but to what extent one can only speculate.

  3. Robert Trance says:

    Can barely wait to all the wonderful things this fall will bring!

  4. Anthony Velazquez says:

    This might be the first year I campout for an iphone :)

  5. Tallest Skil says:

    I have a suggestion, CoM: For every article like this, write up a rebuttal to it and toss that onto the end. Put these worthless analysts in their places. You know, I know, all your readers know that these mental defectives know NOTHING whatsoever and are only serving to manipulate the stock.

    So if you feel compelled to perpetuate this nonsense (it’s not even rumor; it’s sheer invented fantasy), at least rebut it.

    • Kr00 says:

      Its journalism 101. When there is no story, make it up. Then they’ll all report on the report that has no evidence to stake it’s claim. You only need to see the front page of any daily newspaper. The media cycle use to be 24 hours, now it’s every half hour. Now all we get is reports on other people’s reports, over and over. The media really are whores.

  6. Tim Dawes says:

    given they’ve only released the 5S so far, even an order of 5 would be an unprecedented order of the iphone 6 :P

  7. Skanoza says:

    Really? Screen size is that high-demand that’s keeping people from switching to the iPhone? I have my doubts.
    My only worry is the $100 premium the iPhone 6 is rumoured to come with. Will that still beat the competitors, who are already selling larger screen devices?

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