LG tweeted its Bendgate joke from an iPhone



Brands were quick to pile on the iPhone 6 Plus Bendgate controversy this week with a heavy serving of scathing tweets and jokes, except in LG’s case, it can’t get enough iPhone either.

LG – makers of the curved LG G Flex smartphone – bragged on Twitter that its phone “doesn’t bend, it flexes… on purpose,” but like countless of ignorant celebrities and brands before them,  their social media mavens didn’t know we can all see their belly busting joke was crafted on an iPhone.

Using an app like Tweetdeck or Tweetbot you can see that the joke was posted using Twitter for iPhone. Which iPhone they were using is anyone’s guess, but I hope they’re taking a few design lessons from it so they can finally start using their own phones someday.


Via: DailyDot