Busted! Samsung spokesinger caught tweeting from an iPhone

Busted! Samsung spokesinger Adam Levine caught tweeting from an iPhone



When Adam Levine appeared at a Samsung event last week to promote the Galaxy Note 4 he joked that the company should hold a ceremonial iPhone burning, but don’t expect the Maroon 5 crooner to volunteer his own iPhone to the sacrificial fires.

Levine took to Twitter this morning to alert fans that he and fellow superstars from The Voice would appear on The Ellen Show today, but his intern must have forgotten to hand him his dedicated Samsung machine, because the tweet details reveal Levine still has an iPhone addiction.

The tweet was deleted shortly after and was resent from the Twitter web client, but not before The Verge spotted the singer’s error. The gaff is just another in a long list of celebrities who have gladly taken Samsung’s money to promote Samsung devices, only to be caught welding iPhones and iPads by their fans.