Santa won’t have iWatch ready for the holidays



Although it’s being widely reported that Apple’s mythical wearable will share the stage with the iPhone 6 on September 9th, that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get your paws on it anytime soon.

Recode, the same publication that nailed the September 9th Apple event date weeks ago, is now saying that the iWatch won’t be ready to ship until early 2015.

“Sources in position to know tell me it won’t arrive at market for a few months,” reports the venerable John Paczkowski. “‘It’s not shipping any time soon,’ said one.”

That lines up with past claims from the likes of Ming-Chi Kuo, the top Apple analyst that said iWatch shipments won’t begin until early 2015 due to production complications.

If that sounds outlandish, remember that it’s actually in Apple’s history to announce new product categories months before they ship. The original iPhone didn’t ship until six months after it was unveiled.

Regardless of when the iWatch, or whatever catchy name Apple ends up giving it, will hit shelves, we should still see the device at least demoed on stage in a couple of weeks. Now if only we could figure out what that giant structure is that Apple is building outside the event venue.

Source: Recode

  • Scott Landis

    I’ll eat my shoe if Apple holds a new product that long. While there was a six month delay between the announcement and release of the iPhone, it was just over 3 months for the first generation iPad. I think Apple has learned that you can’t expect consumers to wait around for your product for too long anymore.

    • wendy

      Hold on a sec, you said that apple has learned that you can’t expect customers to wait around for product by citing the original iPhone? In any case, I can’t WAIT for the 9th. I’m totally psyched that there is no leak of schematics in advance of this thing.

      • Scott Landis

        The article cites the iPhone announcement to release date as an example of why we’re likely to see a significant delay between the announcement of the wearable product and the release. I’m saying that if you look at the pattern from iPhone to iPad, you see a reduction in the time between the announcement of a new product category and the release of that product.

        Then I’m saying that if you look at other companies, Amazon and Samsung in particular, you’ll see that customers get antsy and begin to forget about the wiz-bang of a product announcement if the delay between the announcement and release is too long.

        These two factors combined make me skeptical of a long release wait for the wearable product from Apple.

      • wendy

        unless it is insanely great. (jury is out on that, obvs)

  • R3sp3ctfu1Gam3r

    In all honesty, this should be expected. If they pushed a new device to production then we’d see as many leaks as we typically do with other devices. If Apple wants to keep a device a secret, then they can’t begin producing it until after an announcement. My prediction — it goes into production shortly after Sept. 9th.