Top Apple analysts says iWatch is running too late for 2014 launch



Despite a planned October unveiling, Apple may still not release the iWatch until next year. That’s the latest from Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, an unusually reliable Apple analyst.

Re/code reported two months ago that Apple’s first “foray into wearable devices” was planned for October. Kuo, on the other hand, has repeatedly thrown shade on the idea of a 2014 iWatch launch. Citing production difficulties this time, he still seems unsure.

We reiterate our view that iWatch, as compared to existing products, and as Apple’s (US) first attempt at a wearable device, represents a much higher level of difficulty for the company as regards component and system design, manufacturing and integration between hardware and software. While we are positive on iWatch and believe that the advantages of the design and business model behind it are difficult to copy, we think, given the aforementioned challenges, that the launch could be postponed to 2015.

The “could” makes it sound like Kuo doesn’t know for sure, but is still highly skeptical. Last month, he said that the iWatch would enter mass production in November with a Sapphire-coated, flexible AMOLED display. Remember the headlines about the iWatch potentially costing thousands of dollars and coming in a line of different sizes? That was Kuo too.

It’s very possible that Apple would announce its wearable(s?) in October and not ship until late November or even early December. But delaying sales until after the holidays would likely not sit well with customers or investors. Apple has been known to make huge product decisions at the last minute, so everything is still up in the air.

Tim Cook did promise new “product categories” in 2014, and the iWatch would certainly fall under that description.

Kuo has also said that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 could potentially not ship until 2015, although the 4.7-inch model appears on track for a September release.

Via: The Financial Times

  • jonfoxphoto

    The lack of any leaks at all is probably the biggest indicator that it’s not coming.

  • AKC322

    By the time Apple joins the fray, the fight will be over. If they ever get in the fight at all.

  • 1manWarMachine

    Who really cares anymore? Really? Couldn’t care less about this.. One day it’s a go. The next day it isn’t. So tired of reading the same-o crap. Same goes for every rumor about the iPhone 6 for that matter.. One day the phone sounds like it’s gonna be something you can’t live without. Then the next day you read that the battery still is horrible and that Safire screen we were expecting is only gonna be on the high end iPhones. Same apple bla.. bla.. bla.

  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    These people act like know-it-alls and they’re just outsiders. They make me sick with their manipulation agendas.

  • hoosieratarian

    Just another sign of weak leadership.