Apple’s supersized 12.9-inch iPad to land in early 2015


Apple's 12.9-inch iPad Pro just keeps sounding better. Photo: CURVED
of a larger iPad

Apple is working with suppliers to make a 12.9-inch iPad by early next year, according to Bloomberg.

Although is was rumored that Apple was working on a larger iPad throughout 2013, we have yet to see such a tablet come out of Cupertino. Will 2015 finally be the year of the mythical iPad Maxi?

At 12.9-inches, an iPad that size would basically be a MacBook Air without a keyboard running iOS. Apple is rumored to be working on a split-screen multitasking mode for iOS 8, and such a feature would make a lot of sense for running apps side-by-side on a larger iPad.

Sales of the 9.7-inch and 7.9-inch iPads have been on the decline in recent quarters, so Apple likely sees any chance to diversify its lineup as a good thing. New iPads are expected to come out this fall, although little has been reported about them beyond the usual faster hardware and possible addition of Touch ID.

Previous reports said Quanta Computer was Apple’s main partner for manufacturing the 12.9-inch iPad. Last summer, The Wall Street Journal mentioned that Apple was prototyping iPads at that size. In December of last year, Digitimes said Apple was on track to debut a 12.9-inch tablet in October of 2014.

Source: Bloomberg

  • jonathanober

    What if Apple 12″ iPad is just the same look and feel as the MacBook Air? And it comes with a keyboard attachment but runs both OSX and OS8 or a hybrid of the two? That way you can type on the keyboard when you want to or disconnect and just us it as a tablet. Just an idea.

    • Windlasher

      Why? You can just bluetooth a keyboard already. Almost any IOS app can replicate OS X apps. Its already done pretty much.

      • jonathanober

        but if you want to use a keyboard you have to set the ipad up somehow or against something, i.e. like Windows Surface kickstand. The keyboard shell could function similarly to a Zagg case/keyboard combo and act as protection when in closed mode. I have both a Zagg and a bluetooth apple keyboard for my imac that I often pair with my ipad. I was thinking more for the convenience of protection for the 12.9″ piece of glass I would be carrying around.

      • Steve Chavez

        It’s not that keyboards suck… they have their use… However, the laptop clam shell design is outdated and designed for little people… For instance, my work laptop has two large screens, an external keyboard, and a separate mouse. If given the opportunity to undock my laptop and use it, I miraculously transform into an oger… I have used the detached bluetooth keyboard on an iPad and like it a great deal. It allows for space. (although i would prefer not to have to reach over to the iPad to touch the screen) Also, I wish the combination could be a better traveling companion than it is. I end up carrying around two separate things and it just feels clumsy to me… maybe I’m just a grump… it just seems to me that Apple could provide a better solution than the “ignore the problem and use your screen keyboard or clumsy along with Bluetooth or buy a truck.” Microsoft tried to provide a solution… Unfortunately, it’s neither imaginative or very good at all.

      • Windlasher

        I suppose they could build an ultra flat keyboard possibly integrated with the magnetic cover. Yeah the surface does nothing for me.

    • TeeJay1100

      OSX is far superior than iOS8. Apple messed up blending iOS8 with their laptops!!. OSX could hold its own.

      What happened to that saying if it isn’t broke don’t fix it? It just doesn’t work having iOS on my Macbook

  • TeeJay1100

    Apple’s products are designed to kill each other off!! Apple is headed in a downward spiral.

    • Steven Burgas

      You’re a fairly profound idiot.

      • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

        I think he was being sarcastic. What he said is what the analysts and tech industry pundits are always saying about Apple.

  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    Didn’t Samsung already introduce some 12″ tablet? Does anyone know how sales are for that device? I haven’t heard one thing about it either way. It’s hard to believe consumers are looking for some 12″ iPad. As it is they seem to be buying the smaller 7″ iPad Mini. Apple must be designing this product for the enterprise or health care services.

  • NitzMan

    See, the reason the iPad in the image above would never work is because it’s impossible to use – one does not simply hold that iPad.