iOS 8 is hiding a split-screen mode in its code



WWDC came and went without a single breath mentioning the split-screen multitasking mode in iOS 8 that was rumored to be on the way, but iPad users hoping for more productivity features might be in luck after all.

Developer Steve Stroughton Smith says he’s been digging around in the iOS 8 beta files and noticed a new “main-screen-canvas-sizes” option that wasn’t in iOS 7, but will add multi-tasking to the iOS 8 SpringBoard, and it’s more advanced that we hoped for.

Not only is Apple planning to let iOS 8 users run two apps side-by-side, but you’ll even be able to change the size between three options:

Apple reportedly pulled the split-screen multitasking feature from the iOS 8 beta after it was deemed too buggy, but perhaps we’ll see it added in future betas. The new feature would be perfect to pair with new iPad Airs and minis that are expected to launch this fall.

Microsoft and Samsung have enjoyed boasting about their split-screen tablet features at the iPad’s expense for the last two years. The iPad is desperate for the feature, but after doing our own testing it’s going to take some signature Apple cleverness to get it right.

  • Dylan Baker

    as iOS 8 is already pretty solid running, its nice to hear that mentality from Apple, though split screen would be an amazing feature. I could see it being for the later devices only.

  • Guest

    Close enough

  • Mike Castillo

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  • The concept of a split-screen explained at this iPad Pro concept :

  • tornacious

    Definitely would prefer split screen over the buggy and laggy and stupid-app-ordering on iOS 7’s app switching.