That Crazy 12.9-Inch iPad Maxi Rumor Has Resurfaced



Back in May, we reported upon a seemingly ridiculous rumor that Apple would release a 12.9-inch ‘iPad Maxi’ in early 2014. We dismissed the report pretty much outright, saying that not only did we think that Apple would avoid naming a tablet that had already been ridiculed at launch for sounding too much like a feminine hygiene product after a Maxipad, but pointing out that the iPad mini was outselling the iPad since debut. People want a smaller tablet, not a bigger one.

We assumed that was the last we would hear of the rumor, but we were wrong. The 12+ inch iPad rumor is back with a vengeance… and now it has a manufacturing partner.

According to Japanese Apple site Macotakara:

Quanta notebook shipments by 2014 fear continues to decline, coupled with major customers Apple notebook shipments next year will decline, even two days to sell off foreign Dada ten thousand wide. But the market also reported, Quanta is working with Apple to develop large-size 12-inch iPad.

Quanta is an Apple supplier who provides Mac computers like the MacBook Air, and a 12+ inch iPad would certainly be Air-like in form factor.

But we’re still super skeptical. A 12.9-inch iPad is essentially a MacBook Air without a keyboard. If it kept a 2048 x 1536 resolution, it would still be Retina, but less pixel dense than its smaller brothers. And who is clammoring for a larger iPad on an operating system where you can’t put apps side-by-side?

So we don’t think this is happening. What do you think, though?

Source: Macotakara

  • iFan41

    Unfortunately, the price of it would be equivalent to a laptop. With that being the case…I’d still rather have the laptop, especially one made by Apple. They are gorgeous, reliable machines. The Mini is my choice for most stuff…but I still don’t plan on ditching a personal computer for it. Well, not until the iPad Mini is holding a 500GB hard drive at least.

  • Plockton

    This is not such a daft idea, for many years foolscap and A4 have been two of the default sizes for paper documents and so it doesn’t unreasonably follow that this is a size that mankind has found useful. Obviously weight will be an issue but given the progress Apple has made on this front that looks achievable also I would think that certainly a rear facing camera would be a non starter. Artist, gamers and creative types will be eager customers for such a model.

  • Timothy Williamson

    Apple, take my money!

    This would be a perfect paper/sheet music replacement.