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A video first look at Apple’s new iPhone charger and fully reversible Lightning cable



Over the past week, two new leaks from abroad have given us new details about what accessories will be coming with the iPhone 6. The first leak suggested that the iPhone 6 would ship with a Lightning cable with a fully reversible USB plug; the second leak — which came just this morning — suggested that the iPhone charger was also getting a redesign.

We now have video of both the new fully reversible Lightning cable and the new iPhone 6 charger in action. They look great, but unfortunately, there’s at least one disappointment: while the charger will indeed ship with the iPhone 6, our source says that USB Lightning cable won’t be available until next year.

Writing to Cult of Mac, Cyril Chang of Moca.co, an MFi-certified vendor for Apple, says they have the inside scoop on the new Lightning charger:

We are informed by the Official Appointed Manufacturer of Apple that the new Reversible USB Cable will not be released together with upcoming iPhone 6 and Apple has not placed any order with them yet. Apple fans will not be able to get the MFi version of this revolutionary cable from Apple this year but that is not the end of the story.

As disappointing as that is, Moca.co says the iPhone 6 charger, at least, is good to go. But it will cost more than existing chargers, with Moca.co estimating an MSRP of $20-$25.

The announced power adapter is indeed the new power adapter design for upcoming iPhone / iPad but during released Apple will be selling it at a high price est. $20~$25… It is only slightly bigger than the old 5W power adapter but with the power output of 2A.

That should, theoretically, make the new iPhone charger slightly quicker at juicing up an iPhone than its predessor.

According to Moca, they will be selling their own third-party version of the fully reversible Lightning cable this year, beating Apple’s to market. In addition, they will offer a cheaper version of the squatter iPhone charger for those who don’t want to pay Apple’s $20-$25 price.

We can’t vouch for Moca’s reliability, so take all of this with a grain of salt. But if Moca’s information is right, truly reversible knock-off Lightning cables might be ubiquitous before Apple’s even hits store shelves.