Apple plans October event for big iWatch reveal


(an iWatch concept design)
(an iWatch concept design)

Get ready, because the iWatch is coming this fall—October, to be exact.

Corroborating another report from earlier today, Re/code confirms that Apple’s “first, long-in-the offing foray into wearable devices” is indeed slated for October of this year. The publication’s sources have been spot on with future Apple event dates in the past.

The device will reportedly use Healthkit and Health, the developer toolkit and app for iOS 8 Apple introduced at WWDC this week.

Japanese site Nikkei said today that the device will feature a curved OLED display and will connect to an iOS device to read incoming notifications and such. Thanks to Healthkit, it will also collect and show data on calorie consumption, sleep activity, blood oxygen levels, and more. Nike is also rumored to be a partner with Apple’s wearable, which would help explain why development of the FuelBand suddenly ceased not too long ago.

Apple typically holds media events in September to showcase new iPhone hardware and October for new iPads. Eddy Cue recently said that Apple has the best product pipeline this year that he has seen in 25 years at the company, which bodes well for this fall’s announcements.

Source: Re/code

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    And the first new app for the iWatch will be…..[drums rolling]…..iFart.