Partially assembled iPhone 6 leaks ahead of September keynote



At this point we’ve seen pretty much every nook and cranny of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, but a new leak gives us the best look at the device yet.

Luxury accessory maker Feld & Volk has shared images of what appears to be an assembled front panel and rear shell for the iPhone 6. While plenty of these parts have already leaked independently, this is the first time we’ve seen them together.

Feld & Volk shared a couple more images with MacRumors, including this shot of the device’s new volume buttons:


After placing the iPhone 6’s display under a microscope, Field & Volk suspects that the device’s resolution will be 960 x 1704. The current iPhone display resolution is 640 x 1136.

While a 960 x 1704 resolution would mean less work for developers because content would just scale up to fill the display, 9to5Mac has found evidence of Apple testing other resolutions. A sharper 414 x 736 resolution could increase the display’s pixel density and give more screen real estate for apps to utilize.

With Apple expected to unveil new iPhones on September 9th, the increasing number of part leaks falls in line with mass production beginning overseas in the supply chain. Everything down to the device’s logic board has leaked. What’s interesting is that significantly less parts have leaked for the larger 5.5-inch iPhone, which supports rumors that Apple could release that model later in the year or even in 2015.

The 4.7-inch iPhone 6, on the other hand, is very likely to come out in mid-September. Chatter among U.S. carrier employees indicates the launch date could fall on Friday, September 19th.

  • Osama Muhammed

    at last, different leak color

  • turco320

    reminds me of the original iPhone, can’t wait

  • aaloo

    This could be the real thing. But do you guys do any validation before just randomly posting rumours taken from other websites.

    • Fake parts are not leaked like this, actually fake parts aren’t leaked much at all. The fact that there are several backs and screens like this confirms the validity. It may seem like they are simply taken from other websites but a lot of thought goes into it. Its not only that the photos are HQ but the parts are very precisely made. Cloned devices parts look like they were made in a basement while these leaks look factory made.

  • Roxy Balboa

    Totally bogus. iPhone clone put together hurriedly for the pic.

    • Interesting. Any idea who can ‘hurriedly put together (this) clone for pics’? 60-80 million on order. Not made in America. Everyone with a smart phone or most track/regular cells have cams too. This is a helluva ‘clone’ to hurriedly slap together in one’s bedroom JUST to show the world the new iPhone, don’t ya think? We’ve seen dozens of internal and external component links over the past 90-120 days. If it’s to release a month for yesterday, isn’t it feasible there’s one built already? Maybe a couple hundred thousand? Millions? I’m sure closer to the latter as they’ve seen what happens when they’re short (gold color 5s, the 4s hurry up n wait after an 18 month ‘lull’ …iPad mini2/Mac Pro ’13. The list goes on and IMHO, not Apple’s fault. It’s tough to predict sales as high as iOS devices have ‘sold’. Never have they release a product (iOS) that hasn’t broken the previous sales’ records. Every single release has outsold the previous. iPhone. iPad. Doesn’t matter. With the redesign, NEXT (AT&T), T-Mobile, Sprint and verizon all jumping on the one year new phone sham, as well as the iPhone 4s and 5 owners who’s contracts ARE fulfilled, this just may be the biggest selling and fastest selling device in consumer electronic history (as has been the story with most iPhone releases) I believe previously held by DVD adoption.

      Certainly no ‘Totally Bogus’


  • DesignedByJack

    It looks like someone steamrolled over the original iPhone. I’m really digging it, it looks pretty awesome.

  • I don’t like that recessed lightning port. Reminds me of the original iPhone recessed headphone jack where most headphones wouldn’t actually fit… are apple trying to make all those 3rd party cables redundant in one go?

  • AKC322

    I’m going to wait to see on 9/9, but the more I read the more I think I’m just going to trade in my 5 for a 5S. If I wanted an Android I’d have bought one in the first place. It’s sad to see Apple following the market instead of leading it.

    • How are they following the market? The only thing on this device that is similar to an android device is the protruding camera lens, Which isn’t on in these photos..

      • AKC322

        Size and shape?

      • Please elaborate what you mean. Every phone is a rectangle. As far as the size goes they are just adding more sizes but still keeping the 4in screen. They are not following the market just trying to bring customers back who loved the iPhone but wanted a bigger screen.