iPhone 6 may not feature light-up Apple logo after all



Aside from the larger phablet-sized display, one of the most visually obvious changes we’d heard about for the iPhone 6 was the possibility that the cutout Apple logo on its rear would enable LED-powered user notifications, or MacBook-style illumination.

Well, that may not be happening after all, according to newly leaked images from Taiwanese Apple blog AppleClub. The website has posted what appears to be a stack of Apple logos, ready to be fitted to the back panel of the next generation iPhone, featuring nothing in the way of LEDs or connectors.

The person who posted the image also confirms that the logo is not planned to emit light as previously speculated about.

The rumor about a light-up Apple logo came from leaked images, showing the case with a plastic space that would allow light to shine out.
The rumor about a light-up Apple logo came from leaked images, showing the case with a plastic space that would allow light to shine out. Picture: uSwitch

The basis for the previous rumors had been photos uncovered by Apple leaker extraudinaire, Sonny Dickson, showing an iPhone 6 case featuring a plastic space that would allow for light to be emitted. As it is, the clear plastic logo seems as if it will just serve as an opening for NFC transmission, since the rest of the metal case would signals.

It’s definitely a shame if true, however, as having your iPhone pulse with different colours to indicate at a glance a new tweet, text message, or phone call would be a handy (and visually striking) feature. At least there are third-party cases that do this job if that’s something you’re really concerned about.

Source: AppleClub
Via: GforGames

  • Windlasher

    OK, it would be cute but why do we need something else to suck at battery life?

    • JustReboot

      …. And another thing to draw attention to an already hot commodity – ‘Hey thieves, look it’s a glowing apple…’

      • Windlasher

        that too.
        EDIT: If it does glow, I am going to kickstart a see through Samsung logo to stick to the back over the apple. Then thieves will just ignore it.

    • What if they use a similar method like on the Macs where the light is from the back of the LCD screen? It wouldn’t use any extra battery like that.

  • Robert Stukenbroeker

    The back of the iPad is designed the same way and it doesn’t have a glowing logo. Not really sure why everyone thinks the iPhone will.

  • sigzero

    Well then, I am NOT buying a new one!! /s

  • RyanTV

    Is it *really* a shame? Really? What are you, in 10th grade and want as many blinking lights as possible on everything? Who cares – I bet the majority of us would turn it off anyway.

  • Jhabril_Harris


  • Jhabril_Harris

    Also it wouldn’t be sucking up anymore battery life than you think, the way the Macbook logo glows is by having the light of your already glowing lcd shine through from a transparent hole in the back of the screen (the Apple Logo). No more battery being killed, just annoyance.

  • Jake Fuller

    That logo looks heavy, maybe it will be used as a counterweight, maybe because it’s absurdly light?

  • deemerk

    Duh, Uh, Let me see. You mean such a light would shine through the seat of my pants while I am butt dialing? Just what hole are you talking about? Good one, Leander. Such an essential to a phone, especially for those who usually keep it in their pocket until needed. Duh!