The tiny changes Apple made to iOS 8 beta 5



Apple is putting the finishing touches on iOS 8 ahead of its fall release, and while previous betas brought some surprising new features, the release of iOS 8 beta 5 is mostly full of tiny tweaks, bug fixes and a few small new additions.

Most of the changes might go unnoticed by most users, but iOS 8 beta 5 has a few nice surprises that refine the iOS 8 experience that will make your iPhone feel new once its released in the fall.

Here are all the tiny changes Apple made in iOS 8 beta 5:

QuickType toggle


QuickType, which has been renamed to just Predictive after WWDC, can be toggled by swiping up on your keyboard, or you can press and hold the emoji icon to bring up the updated Predictive keyboard toggle.

iCloud photo optimization

For those using iCloud Photo Library, iOS 8 beta 5 adds the options to Optimize iPhone Storage by only using “device-optimized versions” of photos, or you can choose to Download and Keep Originals if you’re not worried about the Photos app sucking up gigs of space.

Faster Spotlight

Pulling up Spotlight by pulling down on the homescreen is now wicked fast. Spotlight pulls up near instantaneously.

New icons in


Along with adding new options for your Medical ID, iOS 8 beta 5 changes the body icons in the Health app to a fit yellow stickman.

iCloud icons


The icons for iCloud Drive, Backup and Keychain all received an upgrade to give the icons a unified blue and white look.

Wi-Fi Calling

When you use Wi-Fi calling, now the menu bar at the top of your iPhone displays “T-Mobile Wi-Fi.” Wi-Fi calling was added in previous iOS 8 betas, but T-Mobile is still the only U.S. carrier that supports the feature.

  • Waleed

    Faster spotlight ! This is awesome !

    • Ercüment Özen


      • Waleed

        Nah, seriously, this is what i use alot. So yeah

  • Fit yellow stickman.

  • VPN toggle has always been there if a VPN profile is installed

  • Connor Canty

    T-Mobile iPhone 5S now shows T-Mobile Wi-Fi in status bar when on WiFi to indicate the network will be used for calls.

    • Connor Canty

      As can be seen in these screenshots.

      • Ashwin Lokkur

        Is Whatsapp stable?

      • Bilal Baydoun

        No, still same issue

      • Ashwin Lokkur

        Thanks for the info, btw.

      • lol. Not only is Whatsapp still crashing, Beta 5 made Hangouts unusable.

      • Dory Chamoun

        You can download a beta version of Whatsapp that works and overrides the ff and fi issues. Check out

      • Nathan Harmon

        get the iOS 8 Beta of what’s app on IMZDL

      • prad

        are we getting full contact pic when someone is calling ?

      • BusterH

        @connorcanty:disqus Thanks. Added it to the list.

      • luis.

        how’s the battery life ?!

      • Dug

        Beta 4 killed my battery. Had to downgrade, but will now try 5 again.

  • Looks very cool. I am looking forward to 3rd party keyboards and widgets in the Today section of Notification Center.

  • Michał

    Do we have album grid in music app on iPad in this beta?

    • Connor Canty

      No, still album list.

  • Jason Lombard

    Seems like recently-deleted apps are reinstalling to their previous location.

    • BusterH

      yeah, that’s been around since at least beta 3

      • Jason Lombard

        Oh, ok. My mistake.

  • The Joker

    Is the ability to type numbers or punctuation when quick replying to a text fixed?

    • Vinnie

      Yep! Finally works!!

    • Jesse Barnes

      Thank the lord, it was driving me crazy!

  • Kleber Magno Vieira

    any one get delay in ipad 3 ?

  • 3Dgerbil

    There’s also a new beta of Swift, the brand new programming language…. Just downloaded and did some tests… on some things speed increase is amazing ! Also just found a nice training, it gives you a feeling what it’s all about…. (got at special discount because of Beta 5 release !)

  • prad

    are we getting full contact pic when someone is calling ?

  • stickyicky97

    anyone have major battery drainage issues?

  • mtomko

    Updates page in the App Store app has reverted back to the old design, with a choice of who’s purchases you want to access given after tapping purchases.