All the tiny new tweaks added in iOS 8 beta 3




After taking a three week break Apple has released the refinements for iOS 8 in its newest beta available to developers today. Most of iOS 8’s major features were announced at WWDC, but Apple has been slowly and refining the UI of the new OS ahead of its fall release.

Major new features don’t make an appearance in today’s update, but Apple has added a number of setting toggles, tiny UI tweaks, new wallpapers, and flipped the switch on iCloud Drive.

Here’s a rundown of all the new tweaks and features added in iOS 8 beta 3:

iCloud Drive


iCloud Drive is finally making its first appearance on iOS 8 beta 3. A new iCloud Drive icon has been added to the iCloud settings menu. The new feature can be toggled on and off to allow apps to store documents and data in your iCloud. There’s also a new option to allow other people to look you up in apps by your Apple ID email address.

Health app adds M7 data


iOS 8’s Health app depends on third-party sensors to curate data on your health, but with iOS 8 beta 3 Apple has added the ability to track your steps and distance using the iPhone’s M7 co-processor. Along with the iPhone’s own on-device calculations, users can manually add data points for every category on Health Data so you can keep track of your Vitamin D, sugars, calories and more.


Weather details get centered


Apple ditched Yahoo Weather for the Weather Channel in beta 1, now it’s tweaked the detailed weather information so that the text is center aligned. To see the detailed info just scroll below the 10-day forecast for a info on Humidity, Wind, Precipitation and other metrics.

New Wallpapers


A new greyish white wallpaper has been added for the iPhone and iPad along with the new water wallpaper introduced at WWDC. Apple has only released new Still wallpapers, but perhaps some better Dynamic ones are in the pipe for the iOS 8 GM.

Recently deleted photos

iOS 8 lets you recover any photos you may have accidentally deleted by keeping them in a temporary folder. iOS 8 beta 3 adds a timestamp to each photo letting you know when each photo is set to be scrubbed, with an extra warning at the top of the folder stating how many days, months, or years photos have before deletion based.

Notification Center’s close button tweaked

Apple made a small UI tweak when you swipe left to close an alert in Notification Center. The words “close” has been removed in favor of a solitary X.

Wifi Calling

Say goodbye to your beef monthly minutes plan. iOS 8 introduces calling over WiFi, and while not every carrier is supporting it out of the gate, T-Mobile beta testers have found the new feature has been activated for them in iOS 8 beta 3.

(Thanks Matthew)


Handoff Toggle in Settings


Handoff is going to make working between Macs and iPhones way more seamless, but until today there hasn’t been an option to actually turn it on. In iOS 8 beta 3, users will find the Handoff toggle under Settings >> General >> Enable Handoff.

(Thanks Tobias)

Keep audio and videdo Messages


With the first iOS 8 beta, Apple made it so you can send audio and video messages to friends in a flash, but until iOS 8 beta 3 you had to save each one manually.  Beta 3 adds a toggle under Settings >> Messages that allows you to Automatically Keep everything your friends send you.


Shared Photo Albums


Shared Photo Streams are now just called Shared Albums.

Turn off QuickType


If you hate Apple’s new QuickType keyboard you can just turn it off now in Settings >> General >> Keyboard >> QuickType. Users can also choose to just hide the QuickType bar temporarily by swiping down on it, and swiping back up to reveal again.


iCloud Drive option on setup.


Apple wants to get you hooked on iCloud Drive from the first minute you start using an iOS 8 device. A new option in the Setup process lets you upgrade to iCloud Drive, or you can keep using regular old iCloud and documents data.

(Thanks Amit)

App Analytics option


Apple showed a lot of love to devs at WWDC and they’re getting even more with iOS 8 beta 3, which gives users the option to share the App Analytics data from the setup screen. We’re still looking for the setting to toggle it off though, or select which apps to share data with but it doesn’t look like Apple has added that quite yet.

If you need a refresher on the changes made in previous builds, we’ve got you covered for iOS 8 beta 2 and iOS 8 beta 1.


  • ZombiePete

    So to dismiss a notification, do you have to swipe left then click close/X? I was hoping you’d be able to just swipe it away, a la Android notifications.

    • Roberto de Lima Barreto

      or touch the x.

    • eggimage

      I believe both methods have their own merits. The additional tap on the X will likely prevent accidental deletion of a notification item, whereas the Android method can be more efficient indeed

      • more accidental(deletion) happen too :)

    • compupane

      iOS 8 apps will be able to dictate swiping actions, so a standard swipe to delete wouldn’t work in this case.

    • R-A.W.

      Yeah gonna have to hit that apple x haha gonna have to remain apple now

    • Guest

      I was thinking that too but then it’d be like the mail apps swiping features still being fine tuned and there would be a lot of lost notifications as it is similar. Also it’s nice that you can quick reply then still right from Notifications deleting the notification then too after a reply. An alternative I thought of though is if there was a swipe from the left to mark as read or remove but that action would take you back to the Today tab and be hard to use.

  • Joey Nash

    those wallpapers have been there since iOS 7

    • BusterH

      oops. Added a gif of the new one.

      • Joey Nash

        thank you buster hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyymeeehhhhh

  • Robert Stukenbroeker

    Those are not new wallpapers.. and that “automatically keep” is for audio and video messages. They disappear after listening to them and this allows them to be saved. It doesn’t apply to photos.

    • PMB01

      It doesn’t apply to photos because they already get saved to the camera roll (the ones you send, at least).

  • Guest

    Recently deleted pictures was in beta 2 as well…

    • R-A.W.

      not with a timestamp on when they will be deleted please read.

  • R-A.W.

    slight UI tweak in the contacts that don’t have photos, in the double-tap contact shortcut screen the letters of contacts missing photos is now a bolded white instead of the translucent/faded grey

  • compupane

    The lock screen now indicates that the device is restoring from iCloud.

  • R-A.W.

    next minor yet welcoming thing I’ve noticed is when quick replying if you don’t do anything after swiping to reply the screen doesn’t go black if theres a little inactivity as long as you hit reply it stays open this is nice because when the screen would go black before message progress was lost.

  • digitalhomeboy

    Videdo, surely won’t want to delete those, lol

  • R-A.W.

    Next couple hours have revealed to me that Predictive word greys out the new quoted words its learning. Power up on the 5s is 30x faster.

  • acwgxc

    You can also hold the keyboard switcher to turn quicktype on or off

  • Nigel Jenkins

    Anyone having connection to cell network issues? I’m using 3 in the UK, and it doesn’t want to connect.

    • Mine went down just after installing Beta 3 (ThreeUK), Airplane mode on for 10 seconds and off again fixed it.

      • Nigel Jenkins

        Same network as me, but sadly this doesn’t fix it, I just get no service message despite being in a good 4G coverage area.

      • You could try connecting your device to iTunes and seeing if there is a carrier update available. If there is it will pop up automatically to install it.

      • Nigel Jenkins

        Tried that, reseting network settings, and in the end tried re-installing the beta, which finally worked on the 3rd attempt,
        All working now, and no problems with connection to the network. Thanks for your help Matthew

      • Justin Mahone

        Does 3 (UK) work with WiFi Calling? Will only install Beta 3 if so?

      • Only T Mobile in theUK

      • Justin Mahone

        Ok Great, hopefully won’t be long after iOS 8 is released that all of the carriers are supported.

  • The water wallpaper has been there since beta 1.

  • App analytics can be turned off by going to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Privacy’ -> ‘Diagnotics & Usage’ -> ‘Share With App Developers’. :)

  • stickyicky97

    Is anyone having an issue with the storage usage being incorrect. My 64Gb iPad says I have 1Gb of memory available, yet when I go to “manage” and add up the apps usage, they equate to only 20Gb of storage. Same deal with my iPhone.

    • DR234

      I’m kind of having a similar issue. I had practically nothing on my iPhone even though it’s only 16GB. With iOS 7 I had close to triple the apps on it and could get 6-8GB free space. On the beta though I’m barely able to get 3GB of space free when the phone is practically back to factory settings. No files or apps but the iOS stock apps, no pictures, music, videos, settings reset, data deleted. Still only 3 of the 12 GB would free up then.

  • melbieaz

    When I hit “search” in the app store, there is a list of keywords, but no search bar to type anything in. I am using beta 3 on 5S. Tried rebooting but it doesn’t fix the problem.

    • DR234

      I’d just recommend exiting the App Store in multitasking. For all 3 betas so far the App Store has ran pretty slowly opening and usually will close in multitasking at least once before the search bar or other pages fully load.

  • DR234

    They also changed the medical ID card to a red at the top of it. Also I really liked having the mark as read option in notifications for messages but now that was replaced with the x. It’d be nice to have that back. But it makes sense that it’s nice to dismiss one message and not have to dismiss them all. Other thing is I realized they increased the size of the Today view calendar. It takes up a whole page instead of only short period, so whenever I scroll in Today view I accidentally usually tap and open the full calendar. Also I wasn’t sure does anybody else have a 16GB Phone? It told me I needed 3.4 GB free and I practically had to restore my whole phone to factory settings since I couldn’t get to 3.4 GB. This is my first time on the Dev program so I’m just curious does beta software and apps tend to take up more space than a public release? Just since I barely had 3 GB free on my phone after deleting the maybe 10 apps and few other things I had on the device. So the iOS 8 beta & Apple apps all took around 9 of the 12GB I have access to on the device.

  • Shermy Wormy Lam

    The App Analytics is in Settings – privacy – share with app developers

  • Terry Blanc

    You can turn off share with developers in privacy where you can also turn off diagnostics data.

  • BB BB

    Yay! Disable quick type. I like the tweaks. Beta 1 nearly bricked my 5S Beta 2 was better but caused it to overheat , I’m a little reluctant to give this one a stab but then again I’m a sucker for apple betas so it’s worth checking out.

    Yosemite on the other hand has been great out the gate

  • koby Valentin

    When will swipe keyboard be introduced ?