5 incredible iOS 8 features Apple didn’t mention


Roberto Baldwin/The Next Web
Roberto Baldwin/The Next Web

Apple added a ton of new features to iOS 8 today and more are surely on the way once new iPhones and iPads are announced. But while Photos, Messaging and Notification Center stole most of the spotlight during the WWDC keynote, there were a bunch of smaller features Apple didn’t cover.

Better camera tools, battery statistics, new Siri tricks and more were also added to today’s beta. Here’s our hands-on preview of five incredible features Apple didn’t mention in today’s keynote.

Separate exposure and focus points


Popular camera apps like VSCO and Camera+ have had separate focal and exposure points for years, but Apple is finally adding this feature in iOS 8. Tap where you want to focus and you’ll see a light icon next to the focus box that you can slide up and down to adjust.

Battery usage by app


iOS lets you pinpoint which apps are killing your battery. To find out, just head to Settings >> General >> Usage >> Battery Usage.

Buy Shazam’d songs from Siri


Not only has Siri picked up the ability to recognize songs, via Shazam, but you can also purchase those songs in iTunes right from the Siri menu. It also works for any other iTunes content Siri pulls up, and you don’t even have to ask Siri “what song is playing?” to Shazam them. Just hold your home button and Siri will start analyzing the music after a few seconds of silence.

In Case of Emergency card


One of my worst fears is that I’ll die in a horrific crash of some sort and the police won’t know how to contact my parents to pick up the body. Now anyone can figure out how to help out your unconscious body without unlocking your iPhone, thanks to the new In Case of Emergency card on the iOS 8 lockscreen that you can be setup in the Health app.

DuckDuckGo for Safari


Google might be the king of search but DuckDuckGo is our engine of choice at Cult of Mac. It’s a pain in the ass to use if your browser doesn’t integrate with it, but luckily iOS 8 is adding that ability. Turn it on under Settings >> Safari >> Search Engine >> DuckDuckGo.

21 responses to “5 incredible iOS 8 features Apple didn’t mention”

  1. codeslubber says:

    It’s scary how badly things have flipped over: almost everything announced now from the market leader is me too catchups that are frankly embarrassingly late.

    • Andrew says:

      I completely agree.

    • Anthony Snyder says:

      Who cares? All we can do now is look to the future. Android added all this crap years ago but they didn’t have the stability and reliability until just now.

    • robogobo says:

      Well then, Android is a big beta tester for iOS. Sounds good to me.

  2. Steve Cornelius says:

    Buying Shazam’d song from Siri was covered very quickly during the Keynote at minute 81.05, so you owe us one more cool thing not mentioned.

  3. Oscar Alaniz says:

    DudkDuckGo is the best!

  4. PodioLover Almost says:

    Codeslubber I see where you are coming from. Some if not most are catch ups but that at the competitors dont have features specific to Apple. Also the competitors do not have the device integration and that is worthy of a thanks. Even features like family accounts and phone use on the mac are killers alone

  5. Jay Jay Abels says:

    People claiming that iOS is playing “catch up” are simplifying the argument into the realm of being unreasonable. Apple had to do a LOT of back end engineering to make these kinds of features possible due to the way their ecosystem is structured. Yeah you can do some of the new features on a Jailbreak or even Android… but you’re giving up reliability, quality and security in exchange for that. What Apple has done here is really let the devs access to a plethora of new tools to latch their apps onto.

    • Anthony Snyder says:

      I 100% agree. I actually just typed of a very short version of that just below haha

  6. fizdog says:

    iOS lets you pinpoint which apps are killing your battery. To find out just head to Settings >> General
    >> Usage >> Battery Usage

    Yawn I could already do this on my Android for yrs

    • Paulo Roberto Ramos de Andrade says:

      Yeah, at a lot of other things… without elegance, without security, without reability, and with more resources needed.

    • firesign3000 says:

      Yawn at every Android user who feels it necessary, even after all this time, to post that Android has been able to do whatever feature since before the dawn of man as if they were the first to ever point this out. Nobody cares, dude.

      • Leon Green says:

        What I never understand is why they care, I mean it’s not like they’d ever run out and buy an iPhone if the OS leap frogged Android is it? So much hate for something they’re never going to use and many others will and happily…

  7. AnonymousMax says:

    So,… your worst fear is not the car crash, or the fact that you’re now dead. Your worst fear is that no one will know that you’re dead and not be able to update their social media accordingly?

  8. Drew Bernard says:

    I haven’t seen anyone mention this feature, but apparently they’re adding a time-lapse mode to the camera! Check the bottom of the page. http://www.apple.com/ios/ios8/photos/

  9. Alan Lau says:

    So IOS 8 takes 8 version to do what Android 1.5 has done … why should I go with IOS then?

    • Slurpy2k11 says:

      Noone cares what OS you go to, but you must have a pretty sad, pathetic life to come in here just to post that blatantly false, useless comment. I’ve owned an Android 1.5 device (and 2.3, and 4.1, and 4.4) and I have no clue what you’re babbling about. I own a Nexus 5 and WWDC impressed me, because unlike you, I don’t have a twisted sense of history reality. You’re either a purposeful liar, or severely deluded.

  10. Ben Dover says:

    iOS just plain and simply isn’t as good as it used to be. I’m tired of it and it’s frankly become stale. I have the beta installed on my phone and the new features aren’t even that great (Yes I know it’s in beta, I’m not referring to the bugs it has, which are nowhere near as bad as the beta to iOS 7, but the features themselves). I Used to think that andriod was below Apple and lacked quality but look at the new android phones coming out versus the iPhone 5S or the “rumors” to the iPhone 6. This company isn’t worth sticking with anymore.