See iTunes 12’s sleek redesign in action



Alongside the fall release of OS X Yosemite, iTunes will be getting its own new look and feel. In today’s video, we show you exactly what to expect in the upcoming iTunes 12.

Check out the video above to see the sleek new design of the latest iTunes beta and some of its new features in action.

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  • Daniëlle Zana

    have to learn to love it ? wtf … I find the sidebar useful, it looks 2D and shit, nope nothing can force me to love something. I love something on first sight, when I find it comfortable…. Not upgrading iTunes if its going to irritate me.

    • Kr00

      But how can you see if you love something if you don’t have a look first? This version is not bad, it’s actually less cluttered and simple to use.

  • Alberto Pedroso Finger

    It looks pretty neat, but I don’t use it anymore other than to sync my iPhone, for music I use Spotify and I don’t regret the change… (Neither the bill… hehe)

  • chromeronin

    I still just want a UI less version that runs as a service so I don’t have to have iTunes open and be logged in to my desktop all the time just to sync and backup my phone and ipad, the only thing I use iTunes for anymore.

  • Marcus Winchester

    This so far is a really stable and superior version of iTunes. It’s just better and for 3 reasons only. Nicer GUI, better scroll performance whilst in the store and much faster load times when you try to get in the store

  • Heath Whaley

    I hate how apple keeps redesigning iTunes for dummies and people who are daunted by using Mac OSX. Give it a rest. Stop hiding the sidebar for starters. It’s extremely effective and if ITunes 12 doesn’t let me pin it back permanently I won’t upgrade. Only seeing it in playlist mode? Spare me.

  • Maclord

    Thanks, Apple, for giving up the beautiful Mac UI and for giving Microsoft another chance to sue you over copying their crappy Windows 8 UI design.