Apple finds new suppliers to solve battery issues with the iPhone 6



The iPhone 6 isn’t expected to feature radical improvements in battery life, but that doesn’t mean Apple hasn’t had trouble making new batteries for the device. Since the next iPhone will be thinner than the current design, its battery needs to be thinner as well.

Apple has been having trouble with battery makers overseas meeting its specifications, but now it’s being reported that new suppliers have been brought on to solve the issues. The news highlights how diversifying its partners in the Asian supply chain continues to be Apple’s strategy moving forward.

The main supplier of batteries for the iPhone 5 has been ditched for potentially three different suppliers, according to the Taiwanese media.

Apple’s old battery partner, Dynapack, reportedly couldn’t deliver the kind of product needed for this fall’s iPhones. Now two suppliers, Simplo and Desai, are making batteries for the iPhone 6, with the possibility that a company called Sunwoda is also working with Apple.

Of the three, Simplo and Sunwoda have reportedly designed a flexible and thin battery that meets Apple’s requirements. Dynapack will likely play catch-up as production of this year’s iPhones ramps up in the coming months.

Apple has been diversifying its partners in the supply chain over the past year, including adding TSMC as a manufacturer for the iPhone 6’s A8 processor.

Battery design was said to be one of the main production problems for the larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 a few months ago. Reputable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently said that the display and casing issues still plague the new iPhone hardware, especially the 5.5-inch model. It looks like if there are supply constraints this fall, it will be for other reasons than the new battery.

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  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    Why would the iPhone 6 battery be so much different from every other battery ever made for a smartphone? Are only iPhone 6 batteries beyond the design limits of these companies? Why would Apple be the only company having battery design issues when these companies must make millions of batteries. There must be dozens of smartphone manufacturers needing batteries for hundreds of different smartphones and yet only Apple is talked about by the news media as having battery problems. Apple might as well get into the battery design business as well.

    • LordQuad

      Possibly a jump to 2GB RAM, A8 processor ‘hunger’, and the display technology they’re using …as well, the resolution they’ve chosen for the 5.5″ set. As well, and most likely a significant challenge is meeting Apple’s strict requirements on how ‘thin’ the profile is so as to ‘fit’ in a larger yet ‘thinner’ iPhone. Have you an iPhone and iPod touch? If not, and own one or the other feel the difference.

  • digitaldumdum

    “Apple finds new suppliers to solve battery issues with the iPhone 6”

    Battery issues on a phone that hasn’t been released?? Hardly. The story isn’t about battery •issues•, but rather battery •supply• issues. If the omission of the word isn’t inadvertent, which I suspect, I’m not sure why Cult feels it necessary to pot stir this way. We’re likely to read such a story anyway, even without the misleading headline.

  • David Gurney

    Apple’s stupidity in continuing to make products THINNER at the expense of battery life is embarrassing. Nobody was complaining that the iPhone 4 was too thick. Apple is finished technologically. The piss-poor new dock connector and pathetic battery life make their products unusable for many applications. We’re supposed to carry battery packs and audio adapters around with our “elegant” Apple phones now? SCREW YOU, Apple.

    • digitaldumdum

      Wow. What hate! Apple is stupid? I wouldn’t mind being so stupid as to be one of, if not THE most regarded tech companies in the world.

      Your post is what’s stupid. Apple is not “continuing to make products THINNER at the expense of battery life.” There •is• no iPhone 6 yet, and neither you nor anyone else knows exactly what size or shape it is, nor what capacity the battery will have. Period.

      And piss-poor dock connector? I’m not sure what planet you’re on, but if you’re referring to the Lightening dock connector, it far surpasses the 30-pin dock connector in robustness and capability. It also has capabilities not yet implemented. But really, if you want to still use a 30-pin connector, you can just find an older iPhone and have at it. You can also watch TV on an old tube in 4×3 format.

      Have a nice hate.