iPhone 6 orders will help earn Apple manufacturer Pegatron $33.3b this year



Don’t underestimate the power of having Apple on your side!

Not long after Foxconn announced record earnings thanks to its work on the iPhone, fellow Apple manufacturer Pegatron Corp is predicted to see consolidated revenues of $33.3 billion for 2014, mainly due to shipments of Apple’s next generation iPhone and iPad models.

Foxconn and Pegatron are the two key partners for Apple on the iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6. Both suppliers began preparing for Apple’s new products earlier this year. A March report from the Commercial Times stated that Pegatron was opening up new factory space and recruiting additional workers in China to meet the orders it has received from Apple for the iPhone 6.

While it was previously reported that Pegatron could manufacture half of all iPhone 6 handsets, this was later revised to reflect a more uneven split, with Foxconn having the bulk of the orders. Pegatron has supposedly received orders accounting for 30 percent of Apple’s 4.7-inch iPhone 6 variants, and none of the larger 5.5-inch “phablets” which will be made exclusively by Foxconn.

Pegatron’s production lines in Shanghai and Kunshan, China have reportedly finished preparation for these orders, and will start initial shipments in August for an expected September 19 launch.

Source: DigiTimes

  • You do understand the difference between earnings and revenues, right? If I pay a plumber $200 for fixing something, $120 of which was for “parts” the plumber “earned” $80.


    Of course the article — from this same website — on Foxconn you linked to also confuses earnings and revenues, and worse it uses the word “profit” in the headline. Foxconn’s profits were closer to $3.5B.