Foxconn to get lion’s share of iPhone 6 orders


Foxconn factory
Detroit and Wisconsin could be its first locations.
Photo: Foxconn

It’s that time of year when Apple finalizes its supply chain plans for the next generation iPhone, and if you believe new reports coming out of Taiwan Foxconn is getting the biggest piece of the pie.

While this isn’t exactly earth shattering news, it’s still a bit surprising (and, for at least one company, disappointing) given that Apple has been shifting more and more manufacturing work to rival company Pegatron in recent times. Pegatron has been consistently stealing work by undercutting Foxconn’s prices — although these latest rumors state that Apple may have elected to remain with its long-time manufacturing partner for the bulk of work on the iPhone 6.

Foxconn is expected to build both 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch varieties of the new iPhone, while Pegatron will receive orders accounting for 30% of the 4.7-inch variants, and none of the 5.5-inch ones. The report — which cites unnamed sources on the supply chain side –also claims that Apple’s current 4-inch iPhone size will live on, and that these will be created by other Taiwanese manufacturer Wistron.

In March it was reported that Pegatron was opening up new factory space and recruiting additional workers in China to meet the orders it would be processing for Apple on the iPhone 6. Provided that these new reports are true (which is a big “if” given that they’re from the hit-and-miss DigiTimes), it’s not known if the split between Foxconn and Pegatron was always planned to go down this way, or if Apple had a last minute change of heart.

The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is expected to arrive in September, while the 5.5-inch model may be delayed slightly on account of production challenges related to the larger screen size.

Source: DigiTimes

  • Adrayven

    I hope the 5.5″ is an honest and true product coming out.. I would get it in a heartbeat and replace my phone/tablet with the phab.. however.. my Apple fakedar says it’s just wishful thinking/clickbait topic to drum up interest by news / bloggers..

    I will be happily wrong if it turns out true.. but fully expecting only a 4.7″

  • Guest

    The 5.5-inch iPhone has got to be bull. Other than Android manufactures rampantly one-upping screen sizes like a chauvinistic pig at a sausage fest, is there any real evidence support a reason for Apple releasing two new iPhones, with the benefit of one, a mere .8” bump in screen size? Considering the 5S won’t magically disappear from store shelves this year, is Apple really a company to have 3 different screen sizes for one product, especially after discontinuing the 17” MBP. The MacBook Air, Macbook Pro, iMac, and iPad all currently have two options for screen size. Expect this rumour to be brushed under the carpet in a few months, and written off as a ‘supply chain issue.’