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iPhone is the #1 smartphone in U.S. market share


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The iPhone is far and away the most popular smartphone in the U.S., according to a new report by research firm ComScore. According to ComScore, 169 million cellphone users in the U.S. use smartphones — representing around 70 percent of all mobile users.

Of these, Apple can lay claim to 41.9 percent of users, while runner-up Samsung has captured 27.8 percent of the market. After Samsung, the numbers drop dramatically to 6.5 percent for LG, 6.3 percent for Motorola, and 5.1 percent for HTC.

ComScore also analyzed the top smartphone applications people use on their devices, placing Facebook in top position (76.4 percent of all smartphone users), followed by the Google Play Store (for Android users), with YouTube, Google Search, and Pandora Radio rounding out the rest of the top five. The most used iOS app was Apple Maps with 25.3 percent of all smartphone users.

When it comes to OS market share, Android takes the slight lead, with 52.1 percent of the U.S. market, compared to Apple’s 41.9 percent for iOS. Microsoft, BlackBerry, and Symbian account for just 3.4%, 2.3%, and 0.1%, respectively.

It should be noted that market share isn’t everything, though, since it doesn’t take into account either profit margins or the value of users in terms of their likelihood to download apps, or buy other hardware from the brand: both areas Apple excels in.

Source: ComScore