Ole! Apple opens new store in Madrid to massive crowds


Photo: Paul Whiteland
The new Puerta del Sol Apple Store opens to fans in Madrid's historic square. Photo: Paul Whiteland

Apple expanded its enormous retail empire this weekend with the grand opening of its new Puerta del Sol store that let its first customers through the crystal clear glass doors Saturday June, 21st in Madrid, Spain.

Customers lined up early Saturday morning to be among the first customers to enter Apple’s newest sanctuary, with some reports claiming nearly 600 queued up before opening hours to see the second largest Apple Store in Europe.

Staffed with over 125 employees, Apple’s newest shop doesn’t feature the large swaths of brushed aluminum and glass like many of its other retail spots, but instead boasts some of the most beautiful architecture in Madrid’s most famous and central square after Apple took four years to renovate the space that’s been around since the 14th century.

The Madrid store is Apple’s 101st store in Europe though certainly not the last, as other stores are under construction in Switzerland, Scotland, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Paris, Belgium and a host of other cities in Asia.

Apple currently has 425 retail stores in 16 countries, but still plans aggresively expand its operations with plans for new stores in the U.S., including a new historic store on the Upper East Side of New York that will see the company move into an early 20th century bank building on Madison Ave as soon as 2015.


Photo: Paul Whiteland
Apple fans finally get to cruise the wares after waiting four years for the store opening Photo: Paul Whiteland
  • Looking at that last photo, I’m a fan of more than Apple products. :P

  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    For a company that many analysts claim is barely surviving the Android onslaught, Apple is sure opening an awful lot of retail stores. I know a lot is said about Apple’s waning smartphone and tablet market share, Apple certainly must be making enough revenue where the shrinking market share is doing very little damage to Apple’s core business. Keep up the good work, Tim. And Angela, keep those stores coming and do the best customer service possible for your loyal customers.

  • barman m o

    I totally disagree with “second largest Apple Store in Europe”. Check it!

    There’s a certain disappointing in Madrid with this store.