New pictures of the iPhone 6 show larger display, thinner design



New photos purporting to be of the iPhone 6 have shown up. The above image was one of two posted by user dreamerjimmy on the Chinese social network Weibo. Seemingly confirming what we have heard in previous reports, it depicts the iPhone 6 as featuring curved edges, a larger display and thinner bezel to maximize the screen size. It also features a shorter gap between the display and the Touch ID Home button.

Other images reveal additional notable changes.

One, as can be seen in the image below, relates to the distance between the FaceTime camera and the speaker components. It also depicts an all-metal finish with gaps for the antenna system.


Pictures published by also highlight the thinness of the iPhone 6, which is significantly thinner than previous models.


The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is expected to arrive this fall, while there have been additional rumors surrounding a larger 5.5-inch model expected to go on sale at around the same time, likely in shorter supply and with a higher price point.

What do you think about the way in which the iPhone 6 is shaping up?

Source: Weibo


  • aaloo

    I wonder if this would be the 6c model. There is no dual flash and the layout at the bottom resembles 5c.

    I hope they also release a 4 inch version with upgraded internals. I can’t use anything bigger than that truly one handed. You have to contort your joints and shimmy the phone in your palm all the time.

    • Matt Powell

      I often wonder about the validity of the ones I’ve seen for the same reason, no dual flash. Why would they make such a big deal out of it on the 5S and then just abandon it? Doesn’t make much sense.

      • Jaime Monraz

        a wide range of tones can be accomplished by one led, just google RGB leds.

      • Matt Powell

        I totally understand that but, the brightness, and the warmth of color produced by multiple light sources can not be reproduced by a single LED.

      • Guest

        They can have two flashes w

      • Maxwell S. Overholt

        It seems to me like to slot is just round again. This is a case, you can make assumptions on the flash from it as much as you can on the chip. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

  • Radi Muliawan

    Ugly back design, contras line at the back make my eyes feel hurts

  • Haz Hartridge

    I really hope they stick to the 4-inch screen or release a new 4-inch one alongside this one. Today the iPhone is the only high-end smartphone with a well-sized screen, all the others are too large and uncomfortable to use.

  • apfwebs

    For how long has the main product of Apple seemed to be rumors instead of technology?

    • art hackett

      Apple doesn’t make or spread the rumours. They deny or ignore all the bs. We don’t actually know anything till they announce or ship. At that point I don’t think you can call them rumours.

  • Well so much for the bezel”less” design. I really hope those white lines on the back somehow get smaller or dissapear.

  • digitaldumdum

    Nice Photoshopping.

  • Miguel Angel

    I get how they want to make a thinner model. But I believe that as thin as it is right now it’s ok so that the battery can last a bit longer.

  • Guest

    thinner bezels? How is a massive chin thinner bezels? you want truly thin bezels look at the LG G3.

  • Charismatron

    Upon seeing the new iPhone design, I was quick to make a judgement on the side of not liking it. But I have since changed my mind about it, so hear me out:

    Apple and Jony Ives have a pretty serious problem on their hands, which is that Apple design is beautiful, but it’s also become the status quo: although immensely popular, for those that didn’t grow up along with Apple, it’s all fairly standard and in design standard very often equals stagnant. This is a considerable design problem.

    So, the question is becomes how and when to re-imagine great design. The answer always involves risk, but it’s taking risks that leads to new thought, new ideas, and great new design. And this, in fact, is a large reason why we love Apple: they’re willing to take those risks on design to avoid being tiresomely standard, even when it is they whom are setting those standards.

    At first I was unhappy with the design, but having thought about what they’re doing along with what we’re seeing here, this casts a new light on a new design. It’s an unexpected break from the status quo–and isn’t that what Apple’s all about? Therefore, I don’t mind the new look because I’m in this for the long haul. It’s already starting to grow on me aesthetically, but it’s the risk taking that I love the most.