More iPhone 6 spy shots show larger design, curved edges



More pictures of what is allegedly a shell for the upcoming iPhone 6 have surfaced, and if legitimate, they show the exterior design of the device in more detail than we’ve seen before.

There have been rumors, leaked design schematics, and more recently a single shot of another shell that was purportedly for the unreleased device. These new photos show not only the back, but the side of the shell in detail. It looks like Apple is making some design changes to accommodate a larger display.


As previously reported, today’s leaked shell shows an iPod touch-like, curved design along the sides of the device. The volume buttons have been changed to resemble the iPod touch’s volume rocker, and the power button appears to have been moved from the top of the device to the side. This change is probably due to Apple wanting it keep buttons easily accessible while also making the device larger.


The rear Apple logo will likely be embedded inside the shell’s cutout, which is how the iPad is assembled. When a similar backplate leaked last month, the missing logo caused some to speculate that it would serve some special function, like glowing to alert the user of a notification. Apple has patented such technology, but there have been no specific reports to indicate such a feature for this year’s model.

The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is expected to come out this fall, and there have also been rumors surrounding a larger 5.5-inch model arriving later in the year.


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14 responses to “More iPhone 6 spy shots show larger design, curved edges”

  1. AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:) says:

    Wow! A new and larger iPhone? Who’d a thunk it.

  2. Andy Brooks says:

    looks kinda brown. Maybe its the lighting. I would love to see see this design aesthetic make its way to the macbook pro line.. They need to smooth out all the hard edges around the mac so when its closed it has a seamless rounded edge like the iPad Air and iPod touch line. Similar to the 2010 Macbook’s design but with aluminum and as then as MacBook air or MacBook Pro with retina display. The current Macbook pros just have this outdated “1st gen iPad” feel to them. Perhaps I’m over thinking this…

  3. Jay Jay Abels says:

    How do they cram all that tech into something this thin??? It’s honestly insane. Love the design.

  4. Tim Dawes says:

    those lines of plastic look cheap :(

    • EducatedToPerform says:

      I wonder if they get anodised or something before sale. I very much doubt they’ll stay looking like that. They’ll probably end up metallic.

      • tHoj101 says:

        You can’t anodize plastic. Nor could you make phone calls, if those plastic inserts were metal.

  5. digitaldumdum says:

    ‘Nother day, ‘nother rumor mill story.

    “…allegedly a shell…”
    “…if legitimate…”
    “…caused some to speculate…”
    “The rear Apple logo will likely be embedded…”
    “but there have been no specific reports to indicate such a feature for this year’s model”

    Somehow, I know Cult can do better.

  6. UZ says:

    I’m not a fan of the top and bottom ends. It would have looked better if they were all plastic, rather than the outlines. Other than that, it’s not bad.

  7. Jason Bella says:

    Um.. Looks exactly like the Galaxy.. Or better yet.. Looks exactly like the original iPhone.. Is it me or are we going backwards?

  8. Norman Gunn says:

    Based on the camera flash shape, and the curves, I think it is the next Gen IPod.

  9. Cy Kappe says:

    Why all these snitched pictures are so low quality? They all look photographed with a Motorola Razr

  10. Peter says:

    This curcy design looks cheap compared to iphon 5s

  11. Peter says:

    This curvy design looks cheap compared to iphon 5s

  12. Evan_Beezy says:

    No two-tone flash? Or maybe they integrated the same flash it into a smaller design somehow. Who knows?

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