Spectacular Star Wars Episode VII pics appear online



The nerdgasm is strong with this one!

TMZ has somehow managed to get hold of an epic 45 image gallery of pictures from Star Wars Episode VII, that will make long time Star Wars fans very, very happy indeed.

We knew previously that JJ Abrams planned to use physical puppets as part of his next generation Star Wars saga, but these pictures cement that hope, showing (among other things) a giant pig-like creature reportedly manned by 5 puppeteers. There’s also black smoke, dirty looking peasants, and worn-out and battered old equipment — all bringing to mind the look and feel of George Lucas’ superb original trilogy. Compared to the overly polished and CGI’d prequels, this far closer resembles the Star Wars most of us fell in love with — and all the better for it!

The first movie in the series is set out to return to theaters on December 18, 2015. For now, however, feast your eyes on the images below — and then visit TMZ to see the rest of the collection.

Oh, and spare a thought for the person who leaked the photos, who has presumably been tossed into a sarlacc pit by now.



Source: TMZ