Get your first glimpse at new Star Wars alien in charity PSA


JJ Abrams

In this quick video (below) announcing the new Star Wars: Force for Change program, JJ Abrams provides the first look at a Star Wars alien who walks from behind left and off stage right while the famous director talks about the initiative.

Abrams should need no introduction here, but in case you missed it: he’s directing the next Star Wars Movie. As a huge Star Wars fan himself, he’s honored to be a part of the new set of films, saying it feels a bit surreal to be there on the set in Abu Dabi.

You can enter to win a trip for two to London to actually be in the new movie, airfare and hotel included, with a donation to the program, which benefits UNICEF, one of the world’s most visible charities.

The creature, which looks like an actual physical puppet effect (hooray!), grunts at Abrams when the human does a double take. You can also see some sort of vendor in the background, as Abu Dabi is standing in for Tatooine, the desert planet that was home to Luke Skywalker in his moisture farmer phase.

The rest of the film will reportedly film in London’s Pinewood Studios, which is where the lucky winner of the charity contest will end up getting to go visit.

While this specific program will channel money into the UNICEF Innovation Labs, an initiative that has the charity partnering with organizations and individuals from the private, public and academic arenas to help come up with new, innovative ideas and approaches to UNICEF’s global work.

The Star Wars Force for Change program is hosted on the Omaze website, which also hosts many other entertainment-based charity projects, in which you can donate money and enter into various “experiences,” like hanging with Kevin Spacey to eat BBQ and rehearse a scene on the set of HBO’s House of Cards (benefitting the Old Vic and Geffen Playhouse, or a visit to the set of hit women’s prison drama Orange is the New Black to benefit the Geffen Playhouse.

Via: Nerdcore