iWatch what Apple does: Microsoft plans health-tracking smartwatch of its own



There have been many wearables and quantified-health applications over the past few years, but most have steered clear of proclaiming themselves medical devices. Some of the rumors about the iWatch (such as the fact that it will be able to listen to the sound blood makes as it flows through arteries, and use this to predict heart attacks) may sound a bit too good to be true. But the number of biosensor and biomedical engineers Apple has snapped up recently makes us think the iWatch could be a device that crosses over firmly into the "medical monitoring" category.

According to one recent report, a reason for the long delay before launch is that Apple is awaiting certification from the Food and Drug Administration to get the iWatch approved as medical equipment. Given Apple's recent announcement of the Health app for iOS 8 to collect and show data on calorie consumption, sleep activity, blood oxygen levels and more, plus the conspicuous absence of a health-tracking fitness band in Apple's last iPhone 5s ad, the idea that the iWatch will be geared toward health seems as close to a foregone conclusion as you get for a device that hasn't even been officially announced yet.

Are you sitting down? Because this news may shock you.

With the iWatch reportedly set to arrive later this year, noted original thinkers Microsoft recently published a patent related to its own dive into the Wonderful World of Wearables.

Amazingly enough, Microsoft’s plans suggest the company is planning to take on the previously uncharted waters of fitness tracking — with a somewhat familiar-sounding device capable of keeping tabs on the wearer’s pulse, displaying the number of calories burns during a workout, and measuring distance traveled.

In addition, the patent describes a smartwatch which also offers support for messaging, phone calls and music controls, along with a dock that can double as an alarm clock.

Microsoft watch

But where would Microsoft be without taking a perfectly adequate idea and then needlessly complicating it? Fortunately they have that base covered too, since the patent notes how the watch display would be able to pop out from the wristband for use with other exercise equipment.

Maybe it can be as successful as Microsoft’s versions of the iPad and the iPhone.

Source: Patent Bolt



  • Ray Cheshire

    As much as I love Apple kit Mr Jobs (RIP) et al can’t lay claim to originality either. MS did have the first tablets and the Newton wasn’t the first PDA that accolade goes to Psion. As for wearables, Apple is equally late to the party. That said I have to agree with you on the lack of simplicity in this proposed device.

    • Danny Knox

      Microsoft and Timex – Datalink – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timex_Datalink. Its amazing the height of snobbery tech writers exude. But giving the fact the Timex Datalink was probably out and gone before most were out of their underoos into big boy pants its not surprising – the watch is now lore.

    • Oomu

      it’s all about microsoft simply following trends and a me-too product. in the end, it will be exactly like whatever design Apple will choose.

      you’re right MS did push tablets a long time ago, end 90s but it was simply conceived like pc without mouse, and a pen, like a giant palm. Windows was mostly the same windows, with tiny menu and scrollbars

      and it was a flop, a flop with computers partners (they didn’t want to market them, but only in some very specific jobs) and a flop with consumers.

      Apple reinvented the whole idea, with a very simple and elegant product, not a pc or a mac.

      and then MS did follow. like ever.

      and you know, it’s an old stories, it was ALREADY THE SAME in the 80s !

      the real end product by Microsoft which did change the world was Word and Excel. a long time ago. I was there.

  • metronome

    Hey instead check out the “Exetech XS-4”, they really nailed the smartwatch idea,

    Runs FULL Android so does loads more than just popping Android Wear notifications on your wrist!

    They actually included loads of useful tech needed to make a viable smartwatch,

    Two words, battery length and waterproofing! Grab one from the link below….



    Always On Screen Clock, thanks to OLED!


    Octa-Core (think future proofing)

    Solar self charging Photovoltaic layer (Haven’t seen this on anything else!)

    Waterproof IP 67 (Yup you’ll be swim and listen to music in the shower with that)

    Hydrophobic water repellent nano coating (water literally slides off)

    AMOLED, nice powersaving :)

    Huge 800 mah battery, double what other smartwatches have.

    Standalone device, doesn’t need to be stuck to your phone to work

    2nd generation device from an already established manufacturer…