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Smart Apple Sensor Could Warn You About Heart Attacks [Rumor]


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(Credit: Jacob Adaya)

Apple is reportedly looking into developing a device capable of predicting heart attacks.

The medical sensor device — possibly a feature for the long-reported iWatch, if previous rumors are to be believed — would listen to the sound blood makes as it flows through arteries, and use this to predict irregularities.

According to a new report by the San Francisco Chronicle, Apple is working on the project with Tomlinson Holman — an audio engineer best known several notable audio technologies, including Lucasfilm’s THX system, as well as the first 10.2 sound system.

The same article reports that Adrian Perica, Apple’s mergers and acquisitions chief, previously met with Tesla CEO Elon Musk in Cupertino around the time that analysts suggested that Apple acquire the electric car giant.

While none of the parties involved are talking, medical devices and electric cars would certainly fit the criteria of “great new” product categories Tim Cook has been talking about for the past year.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle