iConfused: Crazy Japanese fashion line stars Steve Jobs as a sexy anime girl



Of all the many,many, many manga takes on Steve Jobs we’ve inexplicably seen in recent years, this one is by far the weirdest.

Depicting Apple’s late founder as, um, an attractive young lady with a come-hither stare, the gender-switched CEO is gracing T-shirts across Japan.

Originally created as the central character of Chocolate Apple, an unusual manga biography tribute from the illustrator of IS <Infinite Stratos> and the Xenosaga series, the mascot now seems to have taken on a life of his/her own, as a fashionista of sorts.

Somehow I suspect that when Apple began considering entering the wearables market, this was the last thing on anyone’s mind.

(For anyone interested, “ko” is a common ending of female names in Japan — hence Jobko.)

Yours for just 3,750 yen ($37).
Yours for just 3,750 yen ($37).

Source: NetLab

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3 responses to “iConfused: Crazy Japanese fashion line stars Steve Jobs as a sexy anime girl”

  1. sMalL hIlL says:

    Want one! Where from?

  2. Matthew Abdelnour says:

    just a Haters

  3. qusdis says:

    Why publish this story? Now Bill Gatesko will get a shirt to copy Apple and creep out even more people.

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