Steve Jobs To Join Sailor Moon, Astro Boy & Akira As Japanese Manga Star



Heads up. Steve Jobs will be the subject of a new Japanese manga series by artist Mari Yamazaki of Thermae Romae manga fame.

Although there is no official description of the manga’s plot yet, an anonymous editor has leaked the synopsis:

With the help of a magic car that transforms into a real life girlfriend, a young Steve Jobs befriends an ancient demon named Ryuk and travels around post-apocalyptic California on a spiritual journey to master the deadly martial art style known as Hokuto Shinken… and maybe, just maybe, invent the Mac and iPhone along the way.

(Not really.)

In addition, Yamazaki has released a sketch of Steve Jobs in profile to give us a taste of the serial to come.

The Steve Jobs bio manga will run as a serial in Kiss Magazine, at an unknown future date.

Source: CNet