This iPhone 6 mockup is reportedly based on machine schematics



As we creep closer to the expected September release date of the iPhone 6, more mockups and reported leaks are showing up on what seems like a daily basis.

This latest one, which surfaced on the Chinese technology blog 86Digi, is a physical mockup claimed to be based on real iPhone 6 machine schematics from sources in the supply chain.

It shows the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 as a 6mm thin devices, featuring rounded edges and various other changes — including a relocated power button, rectangular volume controls on the left hand side of the device, and the camera and circular LED flash on the rear.

In line with recent reports, it shows two antenna breaks cut out on the back of the phone cover, and the 86Digi post notes that Apple will incorporate a three-stage aluminum design on the back of the iPhone 6.

Apple is expected to announce two iPhone 6 models later this year — including a 4.7-inch and larger 5.5-inch variant.



Source: 86Digi




  • Adrayven

    Looks like 5c replacement.

  • $66097220

    What the hell is with the Chinese music?

  • Danny Rios

    I hope this is not the final product, it looks the same. Not impressed at all.

  • Elijah Brown

    i feel like i am at a chinese buffet when i watch this.

  • JeffThra5her

    Love the slim profile. This is by no means the final product folks. You won’t be disappointed.

  • kidmjf

    It’s so funny that people get upset at a phone design…not much you can change to make a phone look different… They basically all look the same if you think about it..four corners, a front and a back, speakers, cameras… What is everyone expecting???

  • Bob Reed

    Looks like an elongated 5S.

  • BZ

    Looks like the thin design won’t disappoint after all, I was hesitant at first because the iPod 5G was too thin

    • Woody Phillips

      I don’t think the iPod 5G too thin, it’s worth the occasional fumble for being able to put it in your pocket and forget it’s there.

  • Hope this is not the actual product–Apple needs to realize that thinner & lighter is not better. I would much rather have a thicker, heavier handset that has a battery that actually lasts the entire day!

  • Raines1989

    I can’t imagine that Apple will go back to a single flash after just one generation. I don’t think this is THAT accurate. Although, I also couldn’t imagine that Apple would call the 6th iPhone the iPhone 5…so what do I know.

    • leftoverbacon

      LED technology has been advancing ya know. It could be possible that they’re fitting two diodes in the space formerly occupied by one.

  • digitaldumdum

    Sorry, but the words “mockup”, “reportedly” and “claims to be” make this unworthy of CofM in my opinion. Of course, it’s only my opinion… reportedly.