Featherweight Burds Is Mercifully Short [Review]



There’s nothing inherently wrong with Burds, and yet I’ve never been so confused about why I continued to play a game.

Burds by Tiny Marble
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Price: Free

It’s a little heavy on in-app purchases, but I can ignore those with only a touch of annoyance. And while Burds is shallow, fairly mindless, and dumb, it doesn’t take that long to play.

So I’m a little conflicted.

You can compare your scores to your friends’ and the world’s on the … um … Leaderburds.

Burds is basically a match-three game where you drag a line to connect three or more birds sitting in a grid on an elaborate network of wires. They’re cute, the birds. You can also collect coins, set off bombs and do a bunch of other things that raise your score and buy you more time — you know how it goes.

If you connect a square of birds, all the birds of that color leave the board for mad points. So that’s cool. Still, I’m kind of at a loss. Burds is so basic and short, you can get in a couple rounds while you’re sitting at a traffic light. (Don’t do that. You’ll get a ticket).

But then what?

Having a high score never really appealed to me, even when arcades were a common cultural reference point. If that sort of competitive aspect of gaming does nothing for you, it’s hard to recommend Burds, even though it’s free.

Check out Cult of Mac’s video review of Burds.

BurdsGame Name: Burds
The Good: The rounds are quick; the birds are cute.
The Bad: Shallow match-three-ness; no lasting value if you don’t care about your score.
The Verdict: If you’re not into showing up your friends, this is a game you’ll play a few times and then forget. But it’s kinda fun while it lasts.
Buy from: App Store – Burds – Tiny Marble