MonsterCrafter Pro Offers Creativity, Battle, And Questionable Pet Ownership [Review]


Monster Crafter Pro

I have a really random PlayStation 2 game on my shelf called Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color. It came out in North America in 2002, and it was basically a game in which you drew your own Pokémon and then made them fight.

MonsterCrafter Pro by Naquatic
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: Free (promotional price)

Animal-abuse undertones aside, it was at least an interesting concept, and MonsterCrafter Pro follows in that same proud, if morally gray, tradition. But instead of drawing your murder-pets, you build them out of Minecraft blocks.

It’s a weird game for sure, but it has its charms.

Monster Crafter Pro
This is Longdog. He’s having a bit of a problem right now.

You start by selecting an egg, the color of which represents your new monster’s alignment. It can be fire-based, water-based, plant-based … you get the idea. They’re Pokémon.

That thing up at the top of the post was my first creation. He was a fire monster. I named him Rampy. Admittedly, I kind of phoned it in on that one, but I like him. He’s whimsical.

Plus, you can jump a bike over him. It’s awesome.

The creation system is easy to use; you just plunk down your blocks on the grid. It would have been nice to have an indication of which direction is the front, though, because both Rampy and Longdog ended up sideways.

In between fights that level up your team, you keep them locked in giant bank vaults. This makes them unhappy, so you also have to go in and play with them and feed them and stuff. A depressed fightimal won’t defend itself, so you should probably stay on that.

Monster Crafter ProGame Name: : MonsterCrafter Pro
The Good: It’s easy to make and battle innocent little animals.
The Bad: The turn-based battle system isn’t very deep.
The Verdict: It’s a charming and accessible title that’s fun while it lasts, but only the most obsessive of monster ranchers will stick with it.
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