‘Wholesome’ Puts A Wealth Of Nutritional Information In Your Phone



Sometimes, I’m standing in the produce section of my local grocery store, and I see fruit I’ve never even heard of before. And while nobody has developed an app that will let me taste them to see if they’re any good, Wholesome gives a pretty good idea of how good it is for me.

The app groups everything, mostly by color, but it also has categories for spices, meat and seafood, dairy, etc. You just pick your group and food, and then the information is all there for your perusal. You can even adjust quantities if you’re working from a recipe.

That fruit-tasting idea is free, by the way. Somebody please get on that.

Source:Wholesome – Free | Sachin Hegde

  • digitaldumdum

    It would have been very easy for the developer to make this app compatible with iOS 6. Despite the so-called “reports”, there are still many people on iOS 6 on both iPads and older iPhones. Nothing about this app requires speed or special coding for an A7, 64 bit processor. Too bad many will not be able to use it.