Apple’s Larger iPhones Will Reportedly Be A Mix Of The iPhone 5c And iPod Nano


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The consensus within the rumor mill seems to be that Apple will release not one, but two larger iPhones later this year. According to a new report from Japanese site Macotakara, the new designs will borrow heavily from the existing iPhone 5c and iPod nano.

The report says Apple has decided on 4.7 and 5.7-inch displays, which has been corroborated before by publications like Reuters. Apple has been expected to increase the size of the iPhone’s display for some time, and at least one of the larger models will allegedly be an evolution of the iPhone 5c mixed with the 7th-gen iPod nano. The iPod nano comes in an array of colors like the 5c, but it sports an aluminum body instead of polycarbonate.

Macotakara is reporting some dimension specs for the unreleased models, including that the devices could be 7 mm thick—which is 0.5 mm thinner than the iPad Air. That would mean that the rear camera would slightly protrude from the body, so Apple may end up going with 7.5 mm thickness to accommodate. The same thing happened during the iPad Air’s development.

While there has been some contention as to the exact screen sizes Apple is planning to go with, the company is widely expected to indeed ship two larger iPhones this year. Macotakara has a bit of a mixed track record with these rumors, but the site did correctly predict the lineup of colors for the iPhone 5c, the dual-LED flash and gold option for the 5s, and the newest iPod nano.

Source: Macotakara

Image: OvalPicture

  • Erik Chamberlin

    The article refers to “iPad nano” instead of “iPod nano”

  • Andrew C.

    iPad Nano (non-existent) & iPod Nano are used interchangeably throughout the article…

  • This is just terrible for developers (fragmentation) iOS now has these screen sizes: iPhone 4/4S (still around), iPhone 5 and above, iPad 2 (still around though hopefully it’ll be gone by iOS 8), iPad Mini, iPad Mini retina, iPad 3 and above, and now… two more screen sizes for iPhone and possibly iOS for Apple TV and/or iWatch.

  • James Champlin

    iPod touch.

    The product you’re talking about is the iPod touch. Shaped like a 5C, with the nano’s colorful aluminum enclosure? That’s an iPod touch. Even describing the camera protruding? That’s the iPod touch.

    Will Reuters next tell us about this new iPhone’s built-in wrist strap option?

    It doesn’t take much critical thinking to know that what this Japanese site is describing is a big iTouch, but everyone is reporting on it and harping on the damn nano, like it’s the only thing Apple has ever made with a color-anodized aluminum case. So,far, I’ve not read a single article that adds to the discussion the obvious point: It’s rumored to look like a big iPod touch.