This iPhone 6c Concept Is One We’d Buy In A Heartbeat



We drooled over Dutch designer Joseph Farahi’s iPhone Air concept last month, and now Farahi is back with a beautiful concept for Apple’s next generation iPhone 6c.

According to Farahi’s concept, the next iteration of Apple’s “affordable” iPhone model would come with a 4.7 inch Retina Display, and be just 7.1mm thick, while weighing only 116g.

In addition, he notes that he would opt to include an 8 mega-pixel camera with “True Tone Flash” able to record 120fps video, and Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor: both innovations currently reserved for Apple’s flagship 5s model.

The concept also describes a new Lighting 2 connector for faster charging, and data transfer by way of a new ‘Mini Aux’ port.

“As a designer I’m always looking to make new things or to enhance existing ones,” Farahi tells Cult of Mac. “I love the feeling of having an iPhone 5c in my hand, but at the same time, I don’t really like the chunky look of it. Knowing today’s technology is almost capable of anything, I started to design an iPhone c that I would personally love to have. In my view, it should be as thin as an iPhone 5s, or maybe a bit thinner — and have a much flatter design, which would compliment the flat design of iOS 7.

While there have been doubts expressed by multiple Apple watchers about whether the company should continue with its “c” line of iPhones at all, this still goes to show that there’s an iPhone c model out there that we’d be happy to own.

Happier than its “s” bigger brother, though? That’s the big question.

“I think Apple shouldn’t give up on their iPhone c line,” Farahi says. “It’s a pretty great product, a lot of people really love to have a colorful iPhone. I think Apple shouldn’t consider the iPhone c as a failure, but as an experiment — and continue the line with an enhanced design and more powerful specs.”

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  • CrazedLeper

    What Apple *should* do is make a 5c that lives up to it’s name–assuming, of course, that the “C” stands for “cheap.”

    • lucascott

      Have you actually picked up a 5C. It’s not cheap at all. Folks keep saying that because they heard plastic and remember the actually cheap nasty crap that was used for the 3G and 3GS. This is not that.

      • CrazedLeper

        That’s kinda what I meant. The 5C is not cheap–but it should have been. As it is, Apple divided the product line for nothing. They have a really good iPhone and a great iPhone. No meaningful price differential means there’s no reason to buy the 5C when you can get the 5S with approximately the same effort.

      • anoynamouse

        feels cheap to me! Like an iphone from a few generations back.

  • $66097220

    Remember the “C” line is just the previous year’s spec. The 6C will have the spec of the 5S — I doubt very much that it’ll take the same form as the 6. It’ll probably look much like the current model.


      Much like the iPhone 5s looks exactly like the iPhone 4? All these iPhone look the same, and every time Apple stretches them out, makes then uglier than even Rosie O Donnell.

      • Zeteboy



        Stop telling everyone what you like up your booty hole

      • $66097220

        Go away troll.

  • g3rard

    Do you mean Heartbeat?

  • Halo9x

    I ‘m enjoying my blue 5c and it was inexpensive on Black Friday. Like everyone else I was concerned that it was a repackaged 5, but it turns out the A6 is a great chip! My 5c is fast or at least more than fast enough for me and I would suspect for anyone not doing quantum physics on their phone. Who does that anyway? The current 5c is solid and cheap feeling at all. While this rendering of a possible 6c looks nice, I’m concerned it is too thin. The current 5c has a steel frame and back plate which gives the 5c it’s strength. How’s that going to work in this design? It also has the same design of the 4/4s/5/5s with right angles on the side. The 5c has a very nice curved backside which feels good in the hand. Apple may not think it but they actually have a winning product, they just need to price it better!

  • lucascott

    So he basically want the 6C to look like the 5S but with colored backs.

  • anoynamouse

    Please…enough with the skinny phones…most of us buying these live in the real work and are no hipster techs who don’t require case-less phone. Give me twice (or three times) the thickness and a battery that can last 24 hours…I’m going to put a freak’n case on it anyways to protect the investment. This thing will snap (bend?) like a pretzel the first time my daughter puts it in back pocket and sits on!

  • Elena Genuos

    Shrink the screen size down to 4″ or less and make it thicker to accommodate a bigger battery, then they’ll have something.