Ellen DeGeneres’ Heads Up! Game Adds New Oscars Category



Ahead of the 86th Academy Awards show, the Heads Up! app dreamed up by this year’s host Ellen DeGeneres has received a timely update — offering questions related to the Oscars.

Joining existing game categories including Celebrities, Animals, Accents, and Characters, the new time-limited Oscars game deck offers users a chance to brush up on their movie trivia knowledge in the most time-pressured setting imaginable. “It’s perfect perfect for your viewing party, or preparing for the big night starring Ellen,” the app’s developers state.

As can be seen from the above video, the game is played by drawing a new card from one of 18 different decks (done by tilting your iPhone), revealing a person, film, accent etc. which you must then try to explain to whichever friend you are playing the game with. Guess the greatest number possible before the clock ticks down to win.

Taking advantage of the in-built tech of your iOS device is the added ability to record videos of the gameplay, which can then be shared on Facebook.

Let the Oscar games begin!

Source: iTunes